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Russian Jets Bombard Syrian Idlib Territory

Russian jets struck several rebel-held town in northwest Syria’s Idlib province, Wednesday, January 15, for the first time since a cease-fire agreed upon with Turkey came in effect two days ago.
READ MORE: Syrian government warplanes struck a market and an industrial area Wednesday in the last territory in the hands of rebel groups in the country's northwest, killing at least 15 people, opposition activists said.

A new cessation of hostilities agreement between Russia and Turkey, who support the opposite sides in the conflict, went into effect last week. But violence has continued.

Yahya Abu al-Yaman, a volunteer with first responders the Syrian Civil Defense, said 15 people were killed and 65 were wounded in the strike. Most were in critical condition after warplanes struck a vegetable market and industrial area in Idlib city Wednesday afternoon. The two areas are a few hundred meters (yards) apart.
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