‘Suicidal’ Brad Parscale tackled by SWAT after ‘hitting his wife & firing a gun’.

COPS in Fort Lauderdale have released footage of President Donald Trump's former campaign manager Brad Parscale being hurled to the ground by police officers on Sunday.

Police confiscated 10 guns - including six handguns, two shotguns, and two rifles - from Parscale's home in Florida after his wife told them he was suicidal and had physically assaulted her.

Bodycam footage captured the 44-year-old, dressed in white shorts and shirtless, speaking with a cop before another officer quickly approaches Parscale from his right side and tells him: "Get on the ground, man."

Parscale doesn't visibly react to the command at first, prompting the officer to throw him onto the ground as he objects.

"I didn't do anything!" Parscale repeatedly exclaims.

In a newly released police report written by the officer who tackled Parscale, the cop wrote that he was "believed to still be armed," according to Vice News.

Parscale’s wife Candice said he racked and loaded a handgun during an argument and showed cops bruises on her arms she claimed were caused by her husband, according to the report.

Police described a tense scene, which involved Parscale allegedly firing a round inside his house before he stepped outside and was promptly tackled a SWAT team.

SWAT commander Sgt Matthew Moceri wrote that he “initiated a double leg take down” to take down the 6-foot-8-inch Parscale after he ignored his commands to stand down.

Parscale was involuntarily hospitalized under Florida’s Baker Act by officers and taken to Broward Health Medical Center Sunday, after he barricaded himself in his $2.4million Fort Lauderdale home.

Fort Lauderdale police were called to the home Sunday afternoon after Candice fled screaming into the street in just her bikini and told a neighbor, “I think my husband just killed himself.”

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‘Suicidal’ Brad Parscale tackled by SWAT while shirtless & holding a beer after ‘hitting his wife & firing a gun’

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