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Dutch-Belgian border village left half-open, half-shut due to coronavirus lockdown.

Differing coronavirus lockdown procedures have caused an interesting problem for the border city.

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Thai elephants freed from tourist labour amid coronavirus lockdown.

The Maesa Elephant Camp is home to 78 elephants, who've been relieved of tourist duties for now.

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U.K. kids leave coronavirus care kits for first responders: ‘Thank you for keeping us safe’

People left gummy candies, cookies and pies for West Midlands paramedics.

Priest, 72, dies after giving up ventilator to younger coronavirus patient in Italy.

The priest was 72 and suffering from COVID-19 when he gave up his parish-bought respirator.

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‘It’s OK to be scared,’ Norway PM says at kids-only coronavirus briefing.

Norway's prime minister held a children-only press conference to answer their biggest questions about the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Dolphins return to Italy’s coast amid coronavirus lockdown: ‘Nature just hit the reset button’.

The Venice Canal waters are also running clearer as COVID-19 keeps tourists and cruise ships away.

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‘Big Brother’ Germany houseguests to find out about coronavirus on live TV.

The show introduced new participants in March, who were told not to say anything about COVID-19.

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Starving monkey ‘gangs’ brawl in Thailand as coronavirus keeps tourists away.

Video shows thousands of monkeys that live in a temple complex in Lophuri taking to the streets.

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Buckingham Palace confirms changes to Queen’s schedule amid coronavirus fears.

Many of the Royal Family's typical events have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Coronavirus: U.K. sewage system in danger of ‘fatberg’ clogs thanks to wet wipes, paper towels

Fatbergs are created when items like wet wipes and paper towel combine with oil, grease and fat in the sewage system.

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Coronavirus lockdown eases pollution, Venice canal runs clear.

Air and water quality have improved in countries like Italy and China, places most gravely hit by COVID-19.

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Watch Italians lean out windows, sing together during coronavirus lockdown.

Siena residents sang an eerie version of 'Canto Della Verbena' out of their windows.

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‘Corona time’: Belgian school under fire for racist class photo.

Students in the photo donned stereotypical Chinese outfits and held up a "Corona Time" sign.

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‘Human hand sanitizer’ photo sparks apology from Saudi oil giant.

Saudi Aramco says it did not sanction the costume in the photos, which appear to have been taken at the oil company's headquarters.

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French Smurf rally proceeds despite coronavirus ban: ‘We must not stop living’.

Approximately 3,500 people gathered in Landerneau, France to break a Guinness World Record, despite a ban on large crowds.

Geneva auto show cancelled as coronavirus outbreak spreads in Europe.

The cancellation comes after the Swiss government put an immediate ban on all public and private events involving more than 1,000 people.

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Some vacationers cleared from quarantined Spanish hotel after virus screening.

Six-hundred holidaymakers from a total of 25 countries are to complete a 14-day quarantine.

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Brazil confirms COVID-19 case, first in South America.

Brazil confirmed its first novel coronavirus case, meaning the virus has appeared on every continent except Antarctica.

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