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Enemy attack in Zolote, Donbas: farewell to illusions.

The morning attempt by the Russian occupation forces to penetrate the fragile line of contact in Donbas is seen as a sort of a "greeting" – and a rather expected one, too – to Ukrainians...

Zelensky: Enemy offensive in Donbas attempt to disrupt peace process.

As a result of morning hostilities, one Ukrainian soldier was killed and another four were wounded.

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Enemy offensive in Donbas: fierce battle over, Ukraine retains positions, but suffers losses – JFO HQ.

Ukrainian units delivered an adequate fire response to the enemy attack.

Enemy offensive in Donbas: Ukraine loses ground near Zolote – media.

Footage posted by civilians this morning testifies to the intensity of shelling.

Donbas escalation: Russian occupation forces attack Ukrainian troops, try to penetrate line of contact.

At the moment, active combat is ongoing. Ukrainian forces have suffered losses amid enemy shelling.

Ukraine reports nine enemy attacks in Donbas on Feb 16.

No casualties were reported among Ukrainian troops in the past day.

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Donbas war update: invaders violate ceasefire 10 times.

No casualties were reported among Ukrainian troops.

«We're all in this fight together» : Pompeo tells of meeting with Ukrainian wounded soldier.

The Ukrainian serviceman handed Pompeo a patch with the logo of his military unit and asked him to keep it.

Ukraine government to conduct dialog with civilian population of Donbas, not with unrecognized «authorities» .

Zelensky acknowledges that hostilities haven't ceased in Donbas two months after the latest ceasefire deal was signed.

Donbas war update: Ukranian positions mortared, 1 WIA reported.

Russian mercenaries are ignoring the Minsk agreements.

«DPR» claims Surkov to remain Donbas negotiator

The Kremlin has not yet commented on this information.

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Russia selecting Donbas terrorists for May 9 parade in Moscow – OSINT group.

They are supposed to take part in the Moscow Victory Day Parade on the 75th anniversary.

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Ukraine reports six enemy attacks in Donbas on Feb 13.

There were no Ukraine army casualties in the past day.

Russian police free 'Black Lenin' – media

The man was apprehended in Arkhangelsk region.

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Ukraine reports three enemy attacks in Donbas on Feb 12.

There were no Ukraine army casualties in the past day.

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Minsk talks: next disengagement area in Donbas warzone practically agreed – Ukraine envoy's press secretary.

Work is still ongoing on coordinating two more such areas.

Ukraine streamlines procedure for granting combatant status to army volunteers – PM.

They will be entitled to benefits and social guarantees equal to those of war veterans.

Latvian-born Donbas mercenary detained in Russia, faces extradition to Ukraine.

Aijo was detained in the village of Yarensk.

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Ukraine's armored vehicles significantly damaged in first two years of Donbas war – media.

The most common cause of damage was fire from rocket-launcher and artillery systems, as well as mortars.

Ukraine reports five enemy attacks in Donbas on Feb 11.

There were no Ukrainian army casualties in the past day.

Ukraine reports five enemy attacks in Donbas on Feb 10.

There were no casualties among Ukrainian troops in the past day.

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Zagorodnyuk: Disengagement along entire contact line in Donbas contradicts Minsk agreements.

Zagorodnyuk says it doesn't change the security situation in Donbas.

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Donbas war update: Attacks on Ukrainian positions grow to nine on Feb 9.

No attacks have been reported since Monday midnight.

One Ukrainian soldier wounded amid enemy shelling in Donbas on Feb 9.

Enemy troops used, among weapons, 152mm and 122mm artillery systems, as well as 82mm mortars.

De-escalation in Donbas: Enemy troops mount three attacks on Ukrainian positions on Feb 8.

Proscribed 122mm artillery systems and 120mm mortars were used.

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