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Trump goes golfing for 1st time since coronavirus was declared national emergency.

Trump is eager to promote the idea that the United States is returning to normal, although the death toll from the coronavirus outbreak continues to rise and is expected to surpass 100,000 in the coming days.

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Trump eyes possibility of outdoor campaign rallies during coronavirus pandemic.

With little more than five months left until the election, Trump is behind Democratic rival Joe Biden in national polls and in some battleground states, such as Michigan, which he won in 2016.

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Trump: U.S. can never declare ‘total victory’ over coronavirus as too many have died

But he added that he will count it a win when the virus is gone and the economy fully reopened.

U.S. won’t extend coronavirus social distancing guidelines, Trump says

Trump said that he won't extend the country's social distancing guidelines meant to protect from COVID-19 which are set to expire on Thursday.

Trump urges states to consider re-opening schools before summer despite COVID-19.

Trump made the comments Monday in a call with governors discussing how to reopen their economies amid COVID-19, among other topics.

Trump’s U.S. immigration suspension bars new green cards, not temporary visas

Trump said he would be placing a 60-day pause on the issuance of green cards in an effort to limit competition for jobs in a U.S. economy wrecked by the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus: Protests in U.S. over lockdowns increase pressure to reopen economy

Trump planned to announce new recommendations later in the day, despite warnings.

‘We have it totally under control’: Signs missed in Trump’s coronavirus response.

In the month after the president first addressed the COVID-19 crisis from the White House, key steps to prepare the nation for the coming pandemic were not taken.

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Trump leaves trail of unmet promises as county grapples with coronavirus outbreak.

For several months, U.S. President Donald Trump and his officials have cast a fog of promises meant to reassure a country in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic. Trump and his team haven’t delivered on critical ones. They talk numbers. Be...

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