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101-year-old Italian man recovers from coronavirus, gets released from hospital.

Gloria Lisi, deputy mayor of Rimini, Italy, described the man's recovery from the novel coronavirus as "hope for the future."

Dutch-Belgian border village left half-open, half-shut due to coronavirus lockdown.

Differing coronavirus lockdown procedures have caused an interesting problem for the border city.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reportedly leave Canada, settle in L.

The couple is allegedly living in a "secluded L.A. compound" amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Not rad: Italian police catch man surfing during coronavirus lockdown.

Italians are under orders to stay indoors and avoid non-essential activities, including surfing, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Thai elephants freed from tourist labour amid coronavirus lockdown.

The Maesa Elephant Camp is home to 78 elephants, who've been relieved of tourist duties for now.

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‘The virus makes the timeline’: Dr. Fauci doubts Trump’s Easter coronavirus target

The White House's top infectious disease expert cast doubt on Trump's goal of getting much of the U.S. back to work by Easter.

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‘If I get corona, I get corona’: Spring breaker apologizes for comments on COVID-19.

Brady Sluder, 22, says there's no excuse for the viral comments he made about the coronavirus during spring break in Miami, Fla.

U.K. kids leave coronavirus care kits for first responders: ‘Thank you for keeping us safe’

People left gummy candies, cookies and pies for West Midlands paramedics.

Boober Eats: Strip club launches topless food delivery due to coronavirus.

A strip club has found a way to bounce back during Oregon's coronavirus lockdown by offering topless food delivery.

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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry honour ‘brave’ coronavirus health-care workers.

"Wherever you are in the world, we are all incredibly grateful," they wrote.

One hantavirus death in China sparks ‘hysteria’ over old disease.

Coronavirus anxiety has inspired uninformed fears of the hantavirus, a decades-old disease that doesn't spread between humans.

IN PHOTOS: Tourist sites worldwide left eerily deserted amid coronavirus outbreak.

World sites from Rome's Trevi Fountain to Canada's Peggy's Cove are almost completely devoid of humans.

Don’t trust Trump’s coronavirus ‘cure,’ says widow of man poisoned by chloroquine.

The woman says she and her late husband tried a type of chloroquine after Trump called the drug a 'game-changer' for coronavirus.

Don’t trust Trump’s coronavirus ‘cure,’ says widow of man poisoned by chloroquine.

The woman says she and her late husband tried a type of chloroquine after Trump called the drug a 'game-changer' for coronavirus.

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Priest, 72, dies after giving up ventilator to younger coronavirus patient in Italy.

The priest was 72 and suffering from COVID-19 when he gave up his parish-bought respirator.

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‘WTF!’: Italian mayors lose it on those breaking coronavirus lockdown.

A supercut of six Italian leaders shows them angrily ranting against people who ignore coronavirus quarantines in their cities.

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No, Putin is not using lions in Russia’s coronavirus lockdown.

A Twitter ‘joke‘ by a Pakistani comedian has launched a fake report that Russia is using lions and tigers for its coronavirus lockdown.

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‘We cut off people’s lights’: Florida mayor blasted for coronavirus response.

A lawmaker accused city leaders in Lake Worth Beach, Fla., of failing to take care of their citizens during the coronavirus threat.

COVIDIOTS: New name for shaming ignorant, selfish coronavirus reactions.

Internet users have coined a new term for people acting selfishly during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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Costumed ‘T. Rex’ caught breaching coronavirus quarantine in Spain

Police let the costumed dinosaur off with a slap on the claw for breaking Spain's coronavirus lockdown.

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Donald Trump was asked what he had to say to Americans scared of coronavirus.

U.S. President Donald Trump got into a heated exchange with a reporter after he was asked what he wants to say to scared Americans during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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Mom, sister, two brothers gone: How coronavirus ‘decimated’ a New Jersey family.

The infections happened at a big Italian-American family dinner, according to health officials in New Jersey.

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CNN asks actor Sean Penn for military solutions to stop coronavirus.

Actor Sean Penn compared the coronavirus outbreak to the earthquake recovery in Haiti, and recommended the military be deployed to help.

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Air pollution plummeted in China due to coronavirus.

Satellite imagery shows the high levels of nitrogen dioxide over China went down as lockdowns and factory closures were enforced earlier this year, but it's starting to rise again as cases drop.

World without crowds: Eerie photos of empty cities in coronavirus lockdown.

The world's most crowded landmarks have been virtually deserted due to social-distancing measures to avoid spreading the novel coronavirus.

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