Travel And Vacations

When the Drive Matters More Than the Destination

The open road, heavy with symbolism and full of promise, has long coursed through popular culture.

Hays Travel Buys Thomas Cook Stores, Saving Thousands of Jobs.

The tour company has acquired all 555 of its collapsed rival’s branches, potentially rescuing the posts of 2,500 workers.

New Airbnb Excursions to Focus on Animals

Airbnb Animal Experiences will have an ethical focus; its announcement comes at a time of increased scrutiny of organizations offering animal interactions to tourists.

TripAdvisor Ends Ticket Sales to Attractions That Breed or Buy Dolphins and Whales.

Under the new policy, the company will no longer sell tickets to SeaWorld and other parks that bring in new generations of animals.

How to Avoid Being Fleeced When Using a Credit Card Overseas.

Merchants frequently try to confuse and bulldoze foreign travelers into paying a stiff markup on credit card charges. But you can fight back.

As Business Conferences Change, Their Hosts Are Changing, Too.

While the largest gatherings still go to the biggest cities, more smaller cities are playing up their distinct offerings. Hence, the Floating Pavilion in Rotterdam.

Want to Avoid Babies on Flights? Japan Airlines Offers a Seating Map.

Smiling child icons on the airline’s website show ticket buyers where toddlers and babies will be sitting.

Those Irresistible Price Alerts: ‘HOT!! Chicago to Barcelona, Spain for Only $272’.

It’s a golden age for price alerts, which have expanded from emails touting sales to fare predictions and deal disseminators.

Sharp Increase in Visitor Park Fees Proposed for the Galápagos.

With concerns growing over the impact of an exploding tourist population, officials hope the increased income will help sustainability and conservation of the archipelago.

A Patchwork of Laws Protect European Travelers. Fewer Exist for North Americans.

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Consumer-friendly laws in Britain and the European Union protect travelers who purchase tour packages, in ways that many Americans and Canadians find unimaginable.

‘I Vow to Tread Lightly’

Tourism “pledges” to promote respect for local customs and natural resources have proliferated in recent years. But whether these largely voluntary vows have changed behaviors is hard to track.

Major Cruise Line to Abandon Plastic Water Bottles

Norwegian Cruise Line, the world’s third biggest cruise company, aims to switch its fleet to paper-based water cartons by 2021.

Thomas Cook Would Be ‘Shocked,’ Biographer Says, to See His Travel Agency’s Fall.

Now out of business, the venerated British company cited uncertainties around Brexit as one of its problems; others say that, burdened with debt, it was slow to shift online.

How Could Travel Giant Thomas Cook Fail?

Its package tour business model was successful for 178 years, but as consumer demand changed and moved online, the company did not.

Train vs. Plane: And the Winner Is ... Well, It Depends

An analysis of six trips in North America evaluates which method is quicker, cheaper and easier.

The Bahamas’ Big Need is Tourists, It Says

The 700-island nation is in mourning after the devastation of Hurricane Dorian. But with the country dependent upon tourism, travel officials say that many hotels and resorts are open and eager for visitors.

How to Take Advantage of Shoulder Season

Shoulder season — just before and after peak summer travel time — is when you’ll find warm temperatures, smaller crowds and deals.

You’re Right. You’re Spending More Time Sitting on That Plane.

As the number of travelers has grown and airlines have added flights to accommodate them, waiting is now a bigger part of many flights.

Why Buy That Expensive Tent When You Can Rent?

Our writer tested a new service that wants to rent you everything you’ll need for your camping trip.

There’s More Driving Toyota City Than Just Cars

Japan’s “Motor City,” a 50-minute train ride from Nagoya, offers scenic hikes, art museums and yes, many tributes to its automotive heritage.

Blue Skies Ahead for Cheap Flights, But Read the Fine Print.

More no-frills carriers as well as major airlines are offering deals on international flights. Just book ahead and be wary of ancillary fees — they can really add up.

Japanese Golf Resorts Look to Foreigners to Sustain Growth.

“Koreans are fanatical when it comes to golf,” one resort official said. “They can do 36 holes every day.’’

In the Swiss Mountains, a $356 Million Golf Resort Takes Shape.

Less expensive than Gstaad or St. Moritz, the Gruyère resort will offer 105 apartments and 27 hotel residences to a mix of Swiss and foreign owners.

Thriving Hotel Industry Scrambles for Workers

With more travelers and fewer job seekers nationwide, the tight job market is squeezing the hospitality industry.

Help! There’s a Bear in My Airbnb

Lake Tahoe is home to some 300 bears in the summer, and cabins, campgrounds and cars often experience nightly Goldilocks-style break-ins. Time to call the Bear Lady.