‘All roads lead to Putin’: Democrats turn focus of impeachment probe to Russia.

House Democrats are bringing the impeachment focus back to Russia as they draft formal charges against President Donald Trump.

Russian Court Bans Politically Active Student From Managing Websites.

Yegor Zhukov, who was also given a three-year suspended sentence, has become a symbol of the anti-Kremlin protests that rocked Moscow last summer.

U.S. sanctions 17 Russian citizens and seven companies for cyberspace crimes

Evil Corp. has used malware Dridex to infect computers and collect credentials from hundreds of banks and financial institutions in more than 40 countries

Zelensky’s Opponents Fear He Is Ready to Capitulate to Russia.

The Ukrainian president’s political opponents worry that the Trump impeachment inquiry may have weakened Ukraine’s position before peace talks in Paris next week.

Moscow slams Washington, says US delays visa issuance for its officials.

“We are concerned about the U.S. State Department’s lack of will to ensure the proper work of its own consular organizations under lame pretexts,” Russian embassy in Washington said

Russia arrests conman who built fake border with Finland.

Guards detain man who took thousands from migrants before leading them on bogus journey into what they thought was EU Russian authorities have detained a man who built a fake frontier post in the woods near the country’s border with Finland and pr...

With Internal Squabbling on Vivid Display, What’s Next for NATO?.

The alliance might not be suffering “brain death” but it faces new technologies, new rivals, new weapons and a changing America.

Germany expels 2 Russian diplomats over Berlin killing of Georgian man.

Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the allegations of Russian involvement "absolutely groundless."

Russian officials appropriating jets for family and lovers, says activist.

Anticorruption activist Alexei Navalny says PM Dmitry Medvedev and head of VTB Bank using aircraft illegally The Russian anticorruption activist Alexei Navalny has claimed that the prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, has appropriated a commercial jet...

Germany Says Russia Is Suspected in Berlin Assassination.

Germany’s federal prosecutor took over an inquiry into the murder of a former commander of Chechen separatists, and the authorities expelled two Russian diplomats.

Germany expels two Russians over killing of Georgian in Berlin.

Prosecutors say evidence suggests involvement by government of Russia or Chechen republicGermany has expelled two Russians working at the Russian embassy in Berlin after federal prosecutors took over the case of a Georgian citizen killed in August...

Sight of polar bear daubed with graffiti sparks outrage.

Environmentalists fear animal filmed in Russia now lacks camouflage to properly huntA video showing a polar bear spray-painted with graffiti has sparked outrage among environmentalists amid fears that the creature was targeted by locals in an area...

Why Are These Foxes Tame? Maybe They Weren’t So Wild to Begin With.

In a famous experiment, scientists bred Russian foxes without a fear of people. But the foxes’ ancestry raises new questions about when they became tame and what counts as domestication.

Germany suspects Russian agencies over Chechen exile killing.

Former insurgent Zelimkhan Khangoshvili was shot dead in a park in broad daylightGermany’s chief public prosecutor suspects Russian intelligence agencies to be behind the killing of a former Chechen insurgent in Berlin and plans to take over inves...

Putin approves law targeting journalists as 'foreign agents'.

Move described by rights activists as scare tactic to stifle criticism of Russian governmentVladimir Putin has signed a law that will allow Russia to declare journalists and bloggers as “foreign agents” in a move critics say will allow the Kremlin...

In Russia, an Updated Law With New Restrictions on Freedom of Speech.

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia on Monday signed a law that could require anyone distributing information and being paid from abroad to register as a foreign agent.

NATO countries’ bickering over defence budgets likely to dominate summit.

NATO allies agreed to move toward spending 2 per cent of gross domestic product on defence by 2024.

Trudeau heads to London to mark NATO’s 70th birthday.

NATO was established by North American and Western European countries at the start of the Cold War as a check against the Soviet Union and has been one of the cornerstones of Canada's security, protection and influence in the world for decades.

Russian mobile SAM systems deployed near border with Finland, Norway.

Tor-M2DT passed tests in Novaya Zemlya, in Russia's Far North; then, it was approved for fielding in the Kola Peninsula

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Apple recognizes Crimea annexation in map application, bowing to Russian demands.

From Apple's map app inside Russia, Crimea appears to be part of the country.

18,000-year-old frozen puppy found in Siberia could be ‘oldest confirmed dog’.

Researchers are trying to determine whether an 18,000-year-old puppy found in Siberia is a dog or a wolf.Researchers say the animal could be a dog, a wolf or something in between [Credit: Love Dalen]The canine - which was two months old when it di...

Why Russian law enforcers persecute Russia's banker Sipachev.

Sipachev is known to be a major businessman and banker,  founder of the Orthodox Party and the Master Party. On the Internet, his name is mostly often mentioned in connection with the suspicion of fraud in a particularly large size and conflict wi...


Apple under fire for labelling Crimea as part of Russia in its apps.

Fury in Ukraine over tech firm’s move, which it had resisted since the 2014 annexationA decision by Apple to label Crimea as part of Russia in its Maps and Weather apps has sparked a backlash in Ukraine, where the move has been seen as the firm’s ...

Russian experiment hopes to reduce cow anxiety with VR headset.

The cows watch a summer field in their VR headsets, which reportedly lowered their anxiety.

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