Kadyrov prepares to embrace high post in Kremlin.

The head of Chechnya has temporarily resigned and is preparing for the promotion

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Beyond the Hype of Russia’s Hypersonic Weapons

The much-touted Avangard system became operational at the end of last year


Russia’s State Duma supports appointment of new Prime Minister.

The candidacy of Mikhail Mishustin, the head of the Federal Tax Service, was proposed by Vladimir Putin

Russia’s government resigns amid Putin's proposal for constitutional changes.

President of the Russian Federation has instructed the outgoing government to perform its duties until a new administration is in place

Russian PM and government resign as Putin proposes sweeping constitutional changes.

Russian president, due to step down in 2024, suggests two-term total limit in future

Russia returns note of Ukraine’s MFA over Putin's visit to Crimea.

Russian Foreign Ministry is convinced that Putin and other officials should not report to Ukraine about their visits to Peninsula

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Putin went to occupied Crimea to watch rocket launch.

‘Caliber’ cruise missiles, potentially capable of carrying nuclear warheads, and new dagger hypersonic missiles were launched in Crimea

Russia re-ups offer to arm Iraq with S-400 air defenses as relations with the U.

The Iraqi military has already acquired various other Russian-made combat aircraft, helicopters, armored vehicles, infantry weapons, and other military hardware over the years, as well


Russian citizen detained in U.S. amid illegal export of $100 thousand worth iPhones

92 iPhones were found in the hand luggage during the security check

Russia stops oil supplies to Belarus

The refinery load has been reduced to a minimum technologically permissible level

Austria’s new coalition promises to support sanctions against Russia.

At the same time, members of the new cabinet do not rule out the possibility of gradual removal of restrictive measures against the Russian Federation

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Leak may reveal Russia’s answer to the Virginia class attack submarine.

The new sub will primarily be a hunter-killer, meaning that it is designed to counter western nuclear powered submarines

Wild rumors of first Su-57 export sale spread as details from earlier “Felon” crash emerge.

Unofficial reports of Algeria buying Su-57 Felons seem only to distract attention from recent crash of the first production example in Russia

Russia gets vessel to complete construction of North Stream-2.

Completion of the project may take several months

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Russia tests its unplugged internet, gets successful results.

Specific details on tests were not provided but, according to the Ministry of Communications, ordinary users did not notice any changes

Russian bomber aircraft imitates air strike on US Navy ship near Odesa.

USS Ross, the missile destroyer was on a cruise to the southern Ukranian seaport

600 tons of nuclear waste delivered to Russia from Germany.

This entails dumped uranium hexafluoride - so-called “uranium tails”

Putin to visit Crimea on December 24 amid opening of railway connection.

The illegitimate authorities are about to hold official events on the occupied peninsula

Russian warplanes armed with hypersonic missiles deployed in Arctic.

This concerns the group of Russia's Armed Forces stationed in Kola peninsula; Chief of the General Staff of the Russian army Valeriy Gerasimov mentioned this in his recent speech

Russian Border Guards detain five Japanese fishing boats.

The vessels were taken to Russia-held Kunashiri island

Russia extends sanctions against Ukraine

Another nine people added to the list, while two Ukrainians were excluded from the list

NATO records Russia's largest submarine activity since end of Cold War.

The Russian Federation has significantly modernized its navy forces in recent years

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