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U.S. election: Here’s what the Biden team gets now that the transition is approved

Here's what will happen now that the federal General Services Administration has allowed the formal transition process to begin after a weeks-long delay.

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U.S. General Services Administration to allow Biden transition to begin after delay

The move comes almost three weeks after election day, and two weeks after major news outlets projected Biden and running mate Kamala Harris had won enough electoral votes to secure the White House.

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U.S. courts find no voter fraud despite cries from Trump’s legal team

As the legal doors close on Trump's attempts to have courts do what voters would not do on Election Day and deliver him a second term, his efforts in Pennsylvania show how far he is willing to push baseless theories of widespread voter fraud.


Fact check: A look at Trump’s attempt to overturn U.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s flailing attempt to cling to office after voters decisively chose to oust him has taken the country into a dark and fictional place.

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Trump has launched several U.S. election challenges. Why are they falling flat in court?

Over the course of a single day this week, Trump and his Republican allies dropped or lost cases seeking to block the certification of election results in three different states.

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Trump lawyers mix up Michigan and Minnesota in bungled voter fraud claim.

Donald Trump's lawyers botched a legal filing in a failed bid to claim widespread fraud in Georgia.

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Rudy Giuliani pushes false Trump claims, movie quotes at sweaty briefing.

Donald Trump's lawyer appeared to sweat through his hair dye during a falsehood-filled press conference on Thursday.

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Giuliani returns to court, arguing Pennsylvania should block Biden election win.

In his first argument in federal court since 1992, Giuliani pushed false allegations on behalf of the Trump campaign that Democrats nationwide had conspired to steal the election.

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Trump taps Rudy Giuliani to lead U.S. election legal challenges: reports

The move comes after the Trump campaign faced a series of legal setbacks Friday in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan.

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U.S. election: Trump faces long odds in lawsuits challenging ballot counts

Across the country, Republicans have complained about problems with the signatures, secrecy envelopes and postal marks on ballots, the inability of their poll watchers to scrutinize them and the extensions granted for mail-in ballots to arrive.

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Rudy Giuliani caught with hand down pants in ‘Borat 2’ scene with ‘journalist’.

The Trump lawyer and former New York City mayor fell victim to a Sacha Baron Cohen prank in 'Borat 2.'

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Giuliani’s risk to Trump in the spotlight again after Biden email saga.

Far from distancing himself from Giuliani, Trump has made the purported Hunter Biden emails one of his main talking points in the final weeks of the campaign as he tries to disparage his Democratic rival.

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Why a story on Joe Biden, his son Hunter and Ukraine is being blocked online.

Donald Trump and his campaign have seized on a New York Post article, which is being limited on Twitter and Facebook, angering conservatives.

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