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Lockdown in Dec-Jan to postpone recovery of malls to 2019 indicators for one year and a half – expert.

KYIV. Nov 26(Interfax-Ukraine)– The introduction of severe quarantine restrictions in Ukraine in December-January will postpone the recovery of performance indicators for shopping and entertainment centers to last year's level until the end of 2...


Vacancy of Rustler Group's malls in Ukraine may increase to 25% during possible lockdown in Dec-Jan.

KYIV. Nov 24(Interfax-Ukraine)– Rustler Property Service(Kyiv), which manages the City Center shopping and entertainment center in Mykolaiv and the shopping and office center in Ave Plaza in Kharkiv, predicts an increase in vacancy in its facil...


Second round of mayoral elections in some cities on Nov 22 held in accordance with standards, but technologies of voters' bribery used in five cities - CVU.

KYIV. Nov 23(Interfax-Ukraine)– The second round of mayoral elections on November 22 was held in accordance with democratic standards in a number of cities, but technologies aimed at bribing voters were used in five cities, said head of the Comm...


Demand for installation of solar power plants in 2020 drops significantly – market players.

KYIV. Nov 20(Interfax-Ukraine)– Representatives of companies engaged in the design, construction of solar power plants, as well as equipment for them, note a significant decrease in demand for their services from customers due to the instability...


Amount of claims of renewable energy generation against SOE Guaranteed Buyer reaches UAH 1 bln – solar energy association head.

KYIV. Nov 20(Interfax-Ukraine)– The amount of claims against the state-owned enterprise Guaranteed Buyer from producers of "green" electricity has already reached UAH 1 billion, Executive Director of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine Artem...

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Disconnection of TIU Canada's 10.5 MW SPP located at NFP lies in plane of business dispute – solar energy association head

KYIV. Nov 20(Interfax-Ukraine)– The issue with the disconnection of the solar power plant(SPP)of the Canadian investor TIU Canada in Nikopol located on the territory of the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant(NFP)from the power grid lies in the plane o...


Annual losses of electricity in worn-out networks estimated at UAH 20 bln – EDS representative.

KYIV. Nov 20(Interfax-Ukraine)– Annual losses in the power grids, both due to the deterioration of networks and equipment, amount to about UAH 20 billion and are a bottleneck that hinders the development of the power industry, Chief Engineer of ...


CVU records many cases of black PR before second round of elections.

KYIV. Nov 20(Interfax-Ukraine)– The Committee of Voters of Ukraine(CVU)draws attention to the massive use of black PR on the eve of the second round of mayoral elections, scheduled for November 22, probably in some cases Russian political tech...


Ex-head of Space Agency Usov declares blocking reforms in space industry, asks President to deal with situation.

KYIV. Nov 20(Interfax-Ukraine)– Former head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine(SSAU)Volodymyr Usov declared the blocking of corporate reform in the space industry and the adoption of the national space program.


Mayoral candidates use weekend quarantine theme to attract voters before runoff – CVU.

KYIV. Nov 20(Interfax-Ukraine)– Most candidates for the post of mayors in the second round of elections are using the issue of weekend quarantine in their election campaign in order to get more votes, the Committee of Voters of Ukraine(CVU)rep...


Human rights activists propose to disband Berdiansk Correctional Facility No.

KYIV. Nov 19(Interfax-Ukraine)– Human rights activists propose to disband Berdiansk Correctional Facility No. 77, where, according to them, torture and humiliation are used against prisoners.

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UOC-KP making every effort to have church in Ukraine independent of Moscow, Constantinople – Filaret.

KYIV. Nov 18(Interfax-Ukraine)– Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate(UOC-KP)Filaret says that the UOC-KP is making every effort to have a church in Ukraine that is independent of both Moscow and Constantinople.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease should be diagnosed by primary doctors – expert.

KYIV. Nov 18(Interfax-Ukraine)– People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD)should be diagnosed by family doctors, Professor of the Department of Family Medicine of Zaporizhia State Medical University, family physician, member of th...

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More than half of Ukrainians believe that negotiations need to be held to achieve peace in Donbas - poll.

KYIV. Nov 12(Interfax-Ukraine)–50.9% of Ukrainians believe that in order to achieve peace in Donbas, negotiations need to be held, according to results of a poll conducted on October 17-24 by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology(KIIS),...

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Authors of constitutional submission on NEURC members appointment expect soonest hearing in Constitutional Court.

KYIV. Nov 11(Interfax-Ukraine)– The parliamentarians who are the authors of the submission of unconstitutionality of the appointment by the President of the country of members of the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission(NEURC), h...


Some 28% of Ukrainians would move to live in U.S. or EU countries if granted citizenship without conditions, only 5.8% to Russia – poll

KYIV. Nov 11(Interfax-Ukraine)– Some 27.9% of Ukrainians would move for permanent residence in the United States or the EU if now they were granted the appropriate citizenship without conditions, 68.7% would not have taken such a step.


Some 57% of Ukrainians believe that Ukraine to switch mainly to Ukrainian language in future – poll.

KYIV. Nov 11(Interfax-Ukraine)– Some 57.1% believe that in the future Ukraine will switch mainly to the Ukrainian language of communication, 31.8% think that Ukraine will make Russian the second state language.


More than half of Ukrainians believe that it is necessary to negotiate with both Russia and 'DPR/LPR' reps in order to achieve peace in Donbas – poll.

KYIV. Nov 11(Interfax-Ukraine)– Some 50.9% of Ukrainians believe that in order to achieve peace in Donbas, it is necessary to negotiate both with the Russian Federation and representatives of the Russia-supported "DPR/LPR"("Donetsk/Luhansk Peop...


Some 49% of Ukrainians support joining EU, 41% - joining NATO – poll.

KYIV. Nov 11(Interfax-Ukraine)– Some 49% of Ukrainians believe that Ukraine should seek joining the European Union, 27% are in favor of not joining either the EU or the Eurasian Economic Union, 13.8% are in favor of joining the EurAsEC with Russ...


Some 33.3% of Ukrainians ready to vote for Zelensky in presidential elections, Poroshenko has 17.3%, Tymoshenko - 11.1%, and Boiko 10.5% - KIIS poll

KYIV. Nov 11(Interfax-Ukraine)– Some 33.3% of Ukrainians, who made their choice concerning elections, are ready to support President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in the presidential elections, if they were held in the second half of October 202...

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Lithuanian Vytautas Magnus University agrees on cooperation with three universities displaced from Donbas.

KYIV. Nov 10(Interfax-Ukraine)– Vytautas Magnus University(Lithuania)has agreed on cooperation with three displaced Ukrainian universities from Luhansk and Donetsk regions, Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to Ukraine Valdemaras Sarapina...

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Situation with Constitutional Court requires wise decision – political scientist.

KYIV. Oct 30(Interfax-Ukraine)– In the issue of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, a wise decision is needed, which would not destroy the existing institutions of power, Director of the Institute of Global Strategies Vadym Karasev has said.

Recent local elections are first, where central govt does not use administrative resource – opinion.

KYIV. Oct 26(Interfax-Ukraine)– The local elections in Ukraine held on October 25 were the first in which the authorities either did not use or were unable to use the administrative resource, political consultant Valentyn Hladkykh has said.


Reformatting parliamentary coalition or early parliamentary elections after local elections to become irrelevant – opinion.

KYIV. Oct 26(Interfax-Ukraine)– The results of the local elections held in Ukraine will make the issues of holding early parliamentary elections or reformatting the coalition in the Verkhovna Rada irrelevant in the near future, political consult...

Third of voters do not take part in presidential poll - Rating.

KYIV. Oct 25(Interfax-Ukraine)– One third of Ukrainians who came to vote at the local elections on Sunday did not take part in a poll initiated by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, and of those who took part in the poll, most are of the S...