Germany demanded from Russian Federation readiness to meet Kyiv.

According to German Foreign Minister, they, together with France, should have impact on Moscow


General election: Johnson refuses to say if he'll resign should Tories lose – live news.

Follow events on the last Sunday of the campaign as Boris Johnson is due to be interviewed on Sky and calls grow for tactical voting to topple him as prime minister 9.26am GMT Q: Why did three Brexit party MEPs defect to the Tories? Look at Annun...

Boris Johnson promises there is ‘no question’ of checks on goods travelling to Northern Ireland in his Brexit deal.

BORIS Johnson has promised voters there is “no question” of there being checks on goods travelling into Northern Ireland in his Brexit deal. The PM said there would “absolutely not” be customs declaration checks and that Labour were “wrong” to sug...

Carrie Symonds wears sari as she joins boyfriend Boris Johnson on campaign trail for first time.

CARRIE Symonds wore a sari as she joined her boyfriend Boris Johnson the campaign trail for the first time. Ms Symonds, 31, wore an eye-catching hot pink shawl as visited a Hindu temple with the PM in Neasden, North London. BACKING HER MAN The cou...

MPs in Telegram found coordinator of paid rallies from Dnipro.

Group gathered in Dnipro near office of Poroshenko’s partyGroup gathered in Dnipro near office of Poroshenko’s party

US Congress Prepares Legal Case for Impeachment of President.

Democrats accuse Trump of abusing power regarding pressure on Ukraine, as well as obstructing Congressional investigation


‘Cosy stitch-up’ by Farage and Tories makes it hard for us to win, says Jo Swinson.

Lib Dem leader attacks Brexit party’s move to stand down in some seats but still hopes for gainsThe Brexit party’s decision to stand aside for the Tories in hundreds of seats curtailed the electoral ambitions of the Liberal Democrats, its leader J...

Group of MPs of European Parliament demanded that Apple fix Russian Crimea.

Head of Friends of European Ukraine group in European Parliament, parliamentarian from Lithuania Petras Austrevichus initiated calls to Apple

General Election 2019: Just 10,000 voters in battleground seats have destiny of Brexit in their hands.

JUST 10,000 voters in battleground seats have the destiny of Brexit in their hands. Swing voters in knife-edge constituencies will be crucial on Thursday in deciding if Boris Johnson gets it done. But there are fears Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party co...

Boris Johnson’s election victory could be scuppered by a few thousand tactical voters, major poll reveals.

BORIS Johnson chances of winning a Commons majority rest with just a few thousand voters across the country, it emerged. The PM could be denied his desired election victory if fewer than 41,000 people voted tactically in just 36 seats, a major pol...

Punters stake £1m on Boris Johnson winning the General Election with 47-seat majority.

PUNTERS have staked £1million on Boris Johnson winning the General Election with a 47-seat majority. Cash is being piled on 81 former Labour strongholds which are at risk of falling into Tory hands when Britain goes to the polls. The smart money s...

Bob Hawke’s daughter says he told her not to pursue rape allegations against former Labor MP.

Rosslyn Dillon made allegations as part of legal challenge against her father’s estateFormer prime minister Bob Hawke’s youngest daughter says she was raped by a confidant of her father in the 1980s – but was urged not to report the assaults to pr...

General Election 2019: 40 Labour seats where Brexit supporters should vote for Tories to secure our exit from the EU.

A HANDFUL of votes in key marginal seats could make a massive difference to Brexit — and who lives in No10 for the next five years. Securing the UK’s departure from the European Union will mean traditional non-Tory voters backing Boris Johnson for...


Gary Neville criticises PM after fan accused of racism at Manchester derby.

Commentator said Boris Johnson’s language around immigration fuels racism in society and footballFootball commentator and pundit Gary Neville blamed Boris Johnson’s election rhetoric on immigrants and immigration for fuelling the number of racist ...

Unskilled foreign workers will be banned from settling in Britain under Tories’ planned immigration shake-up.

UNSKILLED foreign workers will be banned from settling in Britain under the Tories’ planned immigration shake-up. But the exceptionally talented will get fast-track entry with no need to get a job offer first. The sweeping changes will be brought ...

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is the BIGGEST threat to Jews in the world today, Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Centre warns.

JEREMY Corbyn is the biggest global threat to Jews according to the world’s leading Nazi-hunting organisation. The Simon Wiesenthal Centre of has ranked the Labour Party under Corbyn’s leadership at the top of the world’s top 10 anti-S...

General Election 2019: Boris Johnson says voters can have £150bn in investment for Christmas if they vote for Tories.

BORIS Johnson yesterday spelled out the “momentous choice” facing voters as they head to the polls for the most crucial Election in 40 years. The PM said a vote for the Tories would break the Brexit gridlock, attract £150billion in foreign investm...

Steinmeier formula to be implemented after withdrawal of troops, disarmament of militants and elections.

The President believes that Ukraine has a strong position and has done everything necessary for successful negotiations

Meeting of Normandy Four leaders to last three hours.

The quadripartite working session should begin at 17:00 Kyiv time

NSDC reports on hackers' attacks on Ukraine's president’s site.

For a month, Ukraine was forced to deal with eleven attacks

Trump impeachment inquiry: House judiciary committee releases report.

Nadler: constitutional situation is ‘Framers’ worst nightmare’ Trump derides ‘witch hunt’ while boosting US economyOpinion: Nancy Pelosi is bungling the impeachment inquiryThe House judiciary committee released a report on the constitutional groun...

Protest against integration of Belarus with Russian Federation held in Kyiv.

Participants burned the Russian flag, portraits of Putin and Lukashenko


Zelensky will not negotiate with militants, but is in favor of including IDPs in Minsk group.

"Everything is very simple - let's talk with everyone," the president said

Protests against integration with Russia take place in Belarus.

Today Lukashenko and Putin meet in Sochi. It is assumed that at the meeting they will discuss "deepening integration" on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the creation of Belarus and Russia "union state".

Boris Johnson vows to ‘get to the bottom’ of whether Jeremy Corbyn’s NHS leaked dossier came from Russia.

BORIS Johnson has vowed to “get to the bottom” of the mystery leak of government dossiers used by Jeremy Corbyn to claim he’s about to sell off the NHS. Last night social media site Reddit claimed the 400 pages of dossier came fr...

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