37 unique photos to remember the Euromaidan Revolution.

After the Euromaidan revolution, Ukrainian photographers united to create a photo project to remember the events of 2013-2014 which changed Ukraine’s course of history. Titled HUMAN FACTOR. LAST EDITION, it showcases the ordinary Ukrainians who to...

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EUROMAIDAN: the rebirth of a nation

What was Euromaidan? With Euromaidan, Ukrainian society made a choice to definitely leave the Soviet era behind and become part of the free and democratic world. The rebellion against tyranny was guided by a dream of a society governed by law and ...

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ECtHR’s Euromaidan decision: Ukraine’s chance to redeem justice.

From Euromaidan in the winter of 2014 to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). This is the path activists and their families took to find justice and reconstruct the events of the protests termed the Revolution of Dignity. On 21 January 2021...

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The Belarus protests are no Euromaidan. But they’re awfully similar.

Before the presidential elections of 2020 in Belarus, observers could not anticipate the massive mobilization against the long-lasting authoritarian ruler. It was believed that Lukashenko will duly win yet another campaign under the usual slogans ...

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What did Euromaidan achieve? Reflections on the seventh anniversary.

What was the place of Euromaidan in Ukrainian history? What has it achieved, and what was not reached? Nataliya Popovych, Co-founder, Ukraine Crisis Media Center, Founder, One Philosophy Euromaidan is one of the defining moments in modern Ukrainia...

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Seven years after Euromaidan: how much has Ukraine progressed?.

The 16th annual conference by Kyiv Dialogue, an independent German-Ukrainian platform for intensified dialogue between the countries, was held online on 2-3 November 2020. The conference was dedicated to the consequences of the Euromaidan Revoluti...

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