Turkish president Erdogan ‘did a great job,’ says country’s ambassador to Canada.

Ambassador Kerim Uras was asked to respond to calls that Recep Tayyip Erdogan should be charged with war crimes.

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Behrouz Boochani, voice of Manus Island refugees, is free in New Zealand.

Kurdish Iranian refugee and journalist – a multiple award-winner for documenting life in Australia’s offshore detention system – has left Papua New GuineaBehrouz Boochani, the Kurdish Iranian refugee and journalist who became the voice of those in...

Turkey Starts Sending Captured Foreign Fighters Home From Syria.

One of the first repatriated was an American said to be an Islamic State fighter. Western countries have strongly resisted taking back militants who went to fight in the region.

Syrian Kurd leader hits out at UK's 'almost invisible' response to Turkish invasion.

Ilham Ahmed says Britain unwilling to offend Ankara fearing post-Brexit isolationThe leader of the Syrian Kurd civilian government has accused Britain of being almost invisible in its condemnation of the Turkish invasion in Syria, saying the UK ap...

Kurdish medics injured in apparent attack on ambulance in Syria.

Vehicle hit by shrapnel while on its way to rescue wounded from Turkish airstrikeAn ambulance on its way to rescue people wounded in a Turkish airstrike has been damaged in a bombing, in the latest of what Kurdish groups say is a pattern of attack...

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Trump has green-lit a wider mission to secure Syrian oil, raising legal questions.

Under the new plan, troops would protect a large swath of land controlled by Syrian Kurdish fighters.

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Burmese medic killed in Syria had gone there to serve people: widow.

Zau Seng had traveled to Syria and Iraq several times to treat people injured on the front lines and document abuses.

Foreign medic killed in northeastern Syria: reports.

Turkey last month invaded northeastern Syria to push out Syrian Kurdish fighters, who it considers terrorists for their links to a Kurdish insurgency inside Turkey.

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Car bomb explodes in Syrian town captured by Turkey from Kurds.

At least 13 people killed in explosion in northern border town of Tal AbyadA car bomb exploded in a northern Syrian town along the border with Turkey on Saturday, killing 13 people.Turkey’s defence ministry said about 20 others were wounded when t...

Turkey Wants Refugees to Move to a ‘Safe Zone.’ It’s a Tough Sell.

With forces from the Assad regime deploying in their old lands, Syrians are afraid to go back home.

Kurds call on US to block Turkish military drones from Syrian air space.

Unmanned weapons ‘targeting anything they wish to’Kurds say Turks have killed 509 civilians and 412 troopsSyrian Kurds are asking the Pentagon to block US-controlled air space over north-eastern Syria to Turkish armed drones which they claim are c...

Russia-backed Syria constitution talks begin in Geneva.

150-strong committee meets to chart political settlement and negotiate end to civil warRussia will today underscore its role in the political future of Syria as the 150-strong Syrian constitutional committee meets for the first time under UN auspi...

What the U.S. Withdrawal Cost the Kurds

Mass funerals, wounded children, displaced families. This is what we found in northeast Syria after the U.S. withdrew its troops and Turkey attacked.

As Kurds Tracked ISIS Leader, U.S. Withdrawal Threw Raid Into Turmoil

Trump’s decision to pull troops from Syria upended a 5-year alliance and threw the plans against al-Baghdadi into disarray.

Syrian Kurds say spy stole Baghdadi’s underpants for DNA test.

Syrian Democratic Forces also claim they played a key role in tracking down Baghdadi to a compound in northern Syria Syrian Kurds say they managed to place a spy in Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s inner circle who stole a pair of the Isis leader’s underpan...

Turkey’s military will attack Kurdish forces left along Syrian border: official.

The Syrian Kurdish fighters have until 3 p.m. GMT Tuesday to pull back to positions about 30 kilometres from the Turkish border. Turkey and Russia will conduct joint patrols along a border strip once the Kurdish forces leave.

One of Baghdadi’s top aides was key to his capture: Iraq security officials.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Sunday that Baghdadi died "whimpering and crying" in a raid by U.S. special forces in the Idlib region of northwest Syria.

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‘International state banditry’: Russia says U.S. presence in Syria illegal

Russia's defence ministry says the move to send U.S. armoured vehicles to Syrian oil fields were motivated by a desire to protect oil smugglers and not by real security concerns.

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Syria: videos of Turkey-backed militias show 'potential war crimes'.

Arab forces have allegedly been filmed torturing Kurdish fighters and mutilating bodiesCalls for war crimes investigations into the conduct of militias used by Turkey in Syria are mounting after a spate of new videos depicting Ankara-linked fighte...

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U.S. to Deploy Hundreds of Troops to Guard Oil Fields in Syria, Pentagon Officials Say

Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper said the American strategy remains unchanged, although President Trump has said American forces are withdrawing,

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Syria says Turkey-led forces attacked its troops, killing some.

The fighting underscored the risks of violence as multiple and often opposing armed forces jostle for new positions in the tight quarters of the northeastern border zone.

With few options on the table, Pentagon chief to focus on Turkey, Syria at NATO meeting.

It is unclear what, if anything, NATO countries could collectively do to respond to Turkey's incursion since Ankara has already moved into northeastern Syria, made a deal with Moscow on the way forward and shrugged off Western criticism.

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Russia steps up its presence in north-east Syria after Turkey deal.

More Russian troops arrive in border region as Donald Trump hails situation as a ‘big success’Russian troops have expanded their presence across north-eastern Syria, the result of an agreement between Ankara and Moscow that should end Turkey’s att...

Turkey Halts Syrian Incursion, Hours After Deal with Russia.

The Turkish military said it would advance no further into Syria, after an agreement with Russia promised to force Kurdish fighters from the border region.

Turkey, Russia agreement cements power in Syria in place of U.

The accord caps a dramatic and swift transformation of the Syrian map unleashed by Trump’s decision two weeks ago to remove the American soldiers.

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