Justin Trudeau

Trudeau video used in Biden ad attacking Trump: ‘The world is laughing’.

The former U.S. vice-president uses the widely-shared video to criticize Trump and his ability to lead alongside international counterparts.

Trudeau and Trump: A brief history of hiccups in their relationship.

The leaders of two of the world's closest allies have had their prickly exchanges before.

Trudeau’s back-up plane grounded in London due to engine trouble.

The air foce has commandeered another CC-150 Polaris to take Trudeau, his entourage and accompanying media back to Ottawa.

Trump describes Trudeau as 'two-faced' over Nato hot-mic video.

Canadian PM overheard making apparent joke about US president’s lengthy media appearancesDonald Trump has described Justin Trudeau as “two-faced” over footage from a Nato reception that showed the Canadian prime minister apparently joking about th...

Donald Trump calls Trudeau 'two-faced' over footage implying Canadian PM joked about him - live news.

US president says he criticised Canada’s defence spending and suggests Trudeau was unhappy about thatFootage appears to show leaders joking about Trump at Nato summitFactcheck: would Labour really save families more than £6,700 a year?John McDonne...

Trump calls Trudeau ‘two-faced’ after video appears to show leaders gossiping.

Trump made the comments during a photo-op with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Video captures Trudeau seemingly speak candidly about Trump at NATO meeting.

The footage, which was shot by the British host's pool camera, has since spread across the internet, with observers suggesting Trudeau and the other leaders were mocking Trump and wondering how the mercurial U.S. president will react.

Footage appears to show world leaders joking about Trump at Nato summit.

Group including Macron and Johnson appear to be discussing US president in footage from Buckingham PalaceA video has emerged that appears to show world leaders including Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron joking about Donald Trump a...

First Nations chiefs from across Canada to meet for special assembly.

The national meeting in Ottawa will discuss political strategy and policy on key issues.

Trudeau, Trump to meet on NATO sidelines, expected to discuss CUSMA.

The meeting between the Canadian and American leaders is the first since Trudeau won re-election in October and is expected to include discussions about the new Canada-U.S.-Mexico free trade deal.

Leaders gather in London to mark NATO’s 70th birthday amid deep tensions.

The two-day summit kicks off with receptions at Buckingham Palace and Downing Street later Tuesday. A short working session will be held at a golf resort in outer London on Wednesday.

NATO countries’ bickering over defence budgets likely to dominate summit.

NATO allies agreed to move toward spending 2 per cent of gross domestic product on defence by 2024.

Trudeau heads to London to mark NATO’s 70th birthday.

NATO was established by North American and Western European countries at the start of the Cold War as a check against the Soviet Union and has been one of the cornerstones of Canada's security, protection and influence in the world for decades.

Trudeau, Freeland to meet with top Mexican diplomat on CUSMA efforts.

Most of the trouble is between the United States and Mexico but Canada can play a role in smoothing things out.

B.C. politician breaks silence: China detained me, is interfering ‘in our democracy’

Since his detention in 2015, Richard Lee said, China’s interference in Canadian society has increased in myriad ways.

Former Hong Kong politician tells Trudeau to have courage in dealing with China.

Over the last six months, Hong Kong has seen massive waves of often violent pro-democracy protests that have debilitated the special administrative region within China.

Experts dispute Canada’s claim of no link between Saudi arms sales and human rights abuses.

Last September, video from Houthi-run Al Masirah TV and Al Jazeera showed what appear to be Canadian-made LAVs.

Global Affairs finds no ‘credible’ evidence linking Saudi arms sales to human rights abuses.

“There is no substantial risk that current Canadian exports of military equipment or other controlled items to KSA would result in any of the negative consequences,” the document reads.


Parsing the politics of the ‘middle class’ and the Liberals’ new cabinet position.

Mona Fortier's appointment has sparked dialogue around the function of the new role — and why the Liberals chose to create it.

Justin Trudeau unveils new cabinet with focus on national unity.

PM tasked Chrystia Freeland with preventing provincial feud from becoming national crisis as minister of intergovernmental affairsJustin Trudeau has unveiled a new cabinet which will prioritize warding off threats to national unity and combatting ...

Trudeau, King of Jordan to meet in Ottawa

The Prime Minister's Office says the two will discuss the partnership between Canada and Jordan and efforts to promote diversity and counter violent extremism.


Why roles like chief whip, house leader will be more important in Trudeau’s minority government.

As Justin Trudeau settles on his choices for his new cabinet this week, he'll also need to consider the often unsung roles in the House of Commons that will be critical to keeping the Liberals in power and their agenda moving.

Freeland’s impact on foreign policy remains even if she’s shuffled, analysts say.

Freeland was appointed foreign-affairs minister in January 2017 with one very important marching order: deal with the newly elected U.S. President Donald Trump and keep the North American Free Trade Agreement, and Canada's economy, from being tras...

Mexico remains only country to ratify CUSMA — Here’s a look at what’s happening.

The Canada-U.S.-Mexico trade deal has only been ratified in Mexico. Here's a look at where each country stands.

Trudeau promised legally binding climate targets — what exactly does that mean?.

Canada wouldn't be the first country to enforce legally binding targets to become net-zero.

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