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No evidence of coronavirus becoming less severe: WHO, experts say.

The comments came after Professor Alberto Zangrillo, head of intensive care at Italy's San Raffaele Hospital in Lombardy told state television that the new coronavirus "clinically no longer exists."

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Italy’s nursing homes struggle to survive after thousands died from coronavirus.

With costs escalating because of the pandemic, care home operators say many may not survive without government help.

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Coronavirus: Italy to allow all foreign, domestic travel on June 3.

Shops are due to open on May 18 and the government decided that all movement within individual regions should be allowed that same day, meaning people will be able to visit friends.

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Tourist spots, beaches already teeming after coronavirus lockdowns eased around the world.

Italy, Spain and Florida are just some of the areas to ease up on lockdown rules this past weekend.

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Italy questions what went wrong as coronavirus measures begin to ease.

Italy had the bad luck of being the first Western nation to be slammed by the outbreak, and its total of 26,600 fatalities lags behind only the U.S. in the global death toll.

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Coronavirus: Stores begin to re-open in India as country eases lockdown.

A tentative easing around the world of coronavirus lockdowns gathered pace Saturday with the reopening in India of neighbourhood stores that many of the country's 1.3 billion people rely on for everything from cold drinks to mobile phone data cards.

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China, Europe show restarting economies hit by coronavirus will be no easy task.

Some Chinese cities tried reassuring consumers by showing officials eating in restaurants. In the U.S., people have begun getting relief checks to help them pay the bills.

Coronavirus: Lack of new virus hotspots fuels debate on when to ease restrictions.

A lack of new hotspots in the coronavirus pandemic appeared to be holding Tuesday, fueling a debate about how soon authorities could start scaling back social restrictions and reopen economies.

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Coronavirus: World celebrates Easter from afar as new virus hot spots sprout.

The world celebrated Easter at a distance on Sunday, with most churches closed and family gatherings cancelled amid wide-ranging coronavirus shutdowns.

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Trump orders U.S. to send Italy medical supplies, other aid to help coronavirus fight

In a memo to several Cabinet ministers, Trump ordered a variety of measures to help Italy, including making U.S. military personnel in the country available for telemedicine services, helping set up field hospitals, and transporting supplies.

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Coronavirus: Pope Francis holds Good Friday service in empty St.

It marked the first time the procession, commemorating the last hours in Jesus' life, was not held at Rome's ancient Colosseum since the modern-day tradition was re-introduced by Pope Paul VI in 1964.

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‘Everyone is dying alone’: Italy’s coronavirus crisis taking double toll on families.

The coronavirus pandemic has claimed more victims in Italy than any other country, and more than 45,000 worldwide.

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U.S., Britain brace for wave of deaths as coronavirus crisis deepens

The United States and Britain braced for one of their darkest weeks in living memory on Monday as the social and financial toll of the coronavirus pandemic deepened.

Europe hopeful as Italy’s daily coronavirus death toll falls to lowest in weeks.

Angelo Borrelli, the head of Italy’s Civil Protection agency on Sunday, said there were 525 deaths in the 24-hour period since Saturday evening.

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