Hong Kong

Last Hong Kong protesters at Polytechnic University surrounded by police.

City leader Carrie Lam said 600 people had left the Hong Kong Polytechnic campus, including 200 who are under 18 years old.

Hong Kong Protests: Hundreds Arrested at a University and a Warning from Beijing.

About 100 protesters remain holed up inside a besieged college campus.

Hong Kong protests: hundreds surrender to police after university standoff.

Carrie Lam says no children have been arrested but they may face further investigationAbout 600 protesters who were trapped by police inside a Hong Kong university have surrendered to the authorities chief executive Carrie Lam has said.Lam said th...

Canadian universities urge exchange students to return as Hong Kong protests escalate.

Dozens of Canadians remained in Hong Kong on Monday, according to several institutions reached by The Canadian Press -- many of which said it would be in their students' best interest to flee the violence.

University of Calgary promises support for exchange students after recommending they leave Hong Kong.

The University of Calgary has joined with other campuses across the country in encouraging its foreign exchange students to leave Hong Kong for their own safety.

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Pompeo Calls for Restraint in Hong Kong, and McConnell Asks Trump to Speak Up.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the police and protesters should refrain from violence. Senator Mitch McConnell said President Trump should make forceful statements on Hong Kong.

A look at Hong Kong protesters’ latest battleground: university campuses.

The demonstrations have taken over the city's financial district, key airport, major roadways and subway system. Now, the protests have moved to university campuses.

‘Fight for freedom’: Activist urges world leaders to speak up for Hong Kong.

"I urge more and more people, more and more world leaders, they should speak up for the humanitarian crisis [and those] suffering in Hong Kong," Wong told Global News.

China threatens Sweden after Gui Minhai wins free speech award.

Embassy hits out at judges and warns of ‘consequences’ after the Tucholsky prize goes to jailed Hong Kong publisherSweden’s prime minister has rejected threats from China that Sweden will “suffer the consequences” for awarding a freedom of speech ...

Hong Kong police fire tear gas, rubber bullets at protesters on university campus.

Hong Kong police using tear gas and rubber bullets fought off protesters Monday as they tried to break through a police cordon that is trapping hundreds of them on a university campus.

Hong Kong Protests: Campus Siege Enters a Second Day as Court Overturns Mask Ban.

Students, armed with homemade weapons, remained bunkered down on a university campus awaiting a police operation to remove them.

Hong Kong protests: up to 800 trapped as police lay siege to university.

Tear gas stops protesters escaping despite president of Polytechnic University assuring them of safe passage Hong Kong police have trapped up to 800 people inside a university in the city, firing tear gas at any protesters trying to escape the cam...

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Hong Kong protest: riot police storm Polytechnic University after standoff with protesters – live.

Fire and explosions seen during dawn raid, where about 200 demonstrators remain inside the buildingFull story: Police attempt to storm university after battle with protesters 11.13pm GMT Good morning, this is Kate Lyons taking over from Naaman Zho...

Fire, rocks and teargas fly in day of battle at Hong Kong university.

Unrest continues to escalate as protesters fight police from barricaded campusRiot police and protesters waged a day-long battle at a university in Hong Kong on Sunday, as police fired teargas and a water cannon at protesters shooting molotov cock...

Hong Kong officer hit by arrow as violent protests continue.

Police said the arrow struck a media liaison officer and he was taken to a hospital.

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Support for Hong Kong’s rebels wavers after most violent week yet.

Although many remain sympathetic to the cause, citizens are becoming increasingly fearfulOne crisp and sunny morning last week, the normally busy road outside the main entrance to the University of Hong Kong was eerily quiet. Overlooked by mango t...

Hong Kong Protests: Police and Demonstrators Clash at Occupied Campus.

The fiery siege escalated on Sunday, a day after unarmed Chinese soldiers stirred fears by leaving their barracks and staging a choreographed photo op.

Petrol bombs and tear gas: Hong Kong sees fresh clashes between police and protesters.

The demonstrations pose the gravest popular challenge to Chinese President Xi Jinping since he came to power in 2012.

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Hong Kong: Chinese troops deployed to help clear roadblocks.

Controversial move could exacerbate tensions in territory dealing with months of anti-government protests Chinese troops in Hong Kong have been deployed to help clear roads blockaded by anti-government protesters in a controversial move that could...

Chinese troops join cleanup effort in Hong Kong as protesters retreat.

City workers, residents and even some Chinese army troops stationed in the semiautonomous territory came out to clear streets that protesters had strewn with debris to slow down any police advance while they had been on campus.

Protesters supporting China are expected to rally in Hong Kong this weekend.

Pro-China protesters have gathered before, but in far smaller numbers than those angry at Communist Party rulers in Beijing.

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Inside Hong Kong’s Battle-Ready Campuses

Classrooms may be empty, but universities are bustling with preparation for confrontations with the police.

Hong Kong minister falls during furious protest in London.

Video shows Teresa Cheng falling as demonstrators shout ‘shame on you’Hong Kong’s justice minister, Teresa Cheng, fell to the ground after being surrounded by furious pro-democracy demonstrators outside an event in London.The incident on Thursday ...

Hong Kong: protesters lift highway blockade on proviso elections proceed.

Demonstrators say local elections must continue, amid fears of postponement to avoid losses for pro-China candidates Protesters in Hong Kong have cleared part of a highway blocked by demonstrators since Monday as a gesture of goodwill, as politica...

Highways on Fire. Semesters Cut Short. A Recession. Can Hong Kong Heal?

Months of antigovernment protests and increasingly violent clashes with the police have upended daily life, with the potential to alter the city’s character.

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