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RBC, Scotiabank among Canada’s largest banks to boycott Facebook in anti-hate campaign.

Scotiabank, RBC, CIBC and BMO have pledged to stop purchasing ads on the site for the month, aligning themselves with brands such as Lululemon and MEC in signing onto the #StopHateForProfit campaign.

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Facebook will survive growing ad boycott, but at a public image cost: experts.

According to the campaign’s website, the movement is a response to Facebook’s “long history of allowing racist, violent and verifiably false content to run rampant on its platform.”

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Facebook ad boycott goes ahead after last-minute talks with companies break down.

Sources say Facebook executives offered no new details on how they would tackle hate speech, pointing instead to past statements that advertisers say don't go far enough.

Starbucks halts Facebook ads amid movement to stop hate speech on social media.

Starbucks said Sunday that its actions were not part of the #StopHateforProfit campaign, but that it is pausing its social ads while talking with civil rights organizations and its media partners about how to stop hate speech online.

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More than 80 brands join movement to pause Facebook advertising — here’s why.

According to the campaign's website, the movement is a response to Facebook’s 'long history of allowing racist, violent and verifiably false content to run rampant on its platform.'

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Facebook announces plan to label newsworthy posts that break rules.

Facebook has drawn heat from employees and lawmakers in recent weeks over its decisions not to act on inflammatory posts by the president.

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Facebook removes Trump campaign ad that contain symbols with Nazi history.

Later Thursday, Twitter labeled a video of two children Trump had posted as “manipulated media.”

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Facebook launches effort to boost U.S. voter turnout, yet Trump misinformation remains

The social media giant is launching a ``Voting Information Center'' on Facebook and Instagram that will include details on registering to vote, polling places and voting by mail.

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Facebook removes nearly 200 accounts linked to white supremacy groups.

The accounts on Facebook and Instagram were tied to the Proud Boys and the American Guard, two hate groups already banned on the platforms.

Trump signs executive order on social media following spat with Twitter.

Angered by Twitter's decision to place fact-check flags on two of his recent tweets, Trump signed an executive order Thursday authorizing a review of Section 230 of the U.S. Communications Decency Act.

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U.S. billionaires richer by $434 billion since coronavirus pandemic began: report

Nearly 39 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the same time period.

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Facebook removes accounts linked to QAnon far-right conspiracy theory.

In addition to the QAnon accounts, Facebook also removed accounts linked to VDARE, a U.S. website known for posting anti-immigration content.

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