Boris Johnson Stumbles Out of the Election Gate

He was supposed to be an ace campaigner. But as flood victims scorn him, and protesters heckle him, he is frequently going off key.

Spain’s Left Comes Up With Tentative Deal to Form a Government.

The reversal comes two days after elections weakened Pedro Sánchez, the caretaker Socialist prime minister, and strengthened the far right.

What We Know About the Power Vacuum in Bolivia After Evo Morales’s Fall.

Mr. Morales was once a hugely popular leader, hailed by Bolivia’s Indigenous people and the global left. Now, he is in hiding and ousted from office, and it is unclear who will replace him.

Nigel Farage, Brexit Party Leader, Lends Hand to Boris Johnson.

Mr. Farage won’t run candidates in seats held by Mr. Johnson’s Tories. But his party may still hurt the Tories in other races.

How Russia Meddles Abroad for Profit: Cash, Trolls and a Cult Leader.

Madagascar has little obvious strategic value for the Kremlin or the global balance of power. But Russians were there during an election, offering bribes, spreading disinformation and recruiting an apocalyptic cult leader.

Spain’s Far Right Gains in Election

As the Vox party doubled its seats, a longstanding government deadlock appeared no closer to an end.

How countries have reacted to Bolivia’s president stepping down.

Morales was first elected in 2006, making him the first indigenous president of Bolivia.

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Socialists win election in Spain but far-right Vox party makes large gains.

Right-wing populist and anti-migrant leaders across Europe celebrated Vox’s strong showing.

Bolivian Leader Evo Morales Steps Down

A leftist who had served longer than any other current head of state in Latin America, Mr. Morales lost his grip on power amid violent protests set off by a disputed election.

Bolivian Leader Calls for New Elections Under Pressure From Protests.

President Evo Morales had claimed victory in a recent vote, but international monitors questioned the result.

Another Election in Spain Threatens to Deepen the Political Deadlock.

The country will hold its fourth national vote in four years on Sunday, amid concerns about falling turnout and unrest in Catalonia.

More Spending on Public Services? Sure, Boris Johnson Says.

After years of austerity, the Tories, the party of sound money, want to borrow and spend. Yes, it’s election time in Britain.

Bolivian Protesters Assault Mayor in Postelection Mayhem.

After the mayor was accused of organizing a pro-government mob, antigovernment protesters kidnapped her, cut her hair and doused her in paint.

Pro-Beijing Lawmaker Stabbed in Hong Kong

Junius Ho emerged in recent months as a chief opponent of the Hong Kong protest movement.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage says he won’t run in next month’s U.

Boris Johnson's Conservatives are leading in the polls, but with the country still starkly divided over Brexit, the outcome is highly unpredictable.

Nigel Farage, Brexit Party Leader, Says He Won’t Run in Election.

Mr. Farage said he planned instead to campaign aggressively against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit agreement.

Hong Kong Protests: Tear Gas Fired in Busy Shopping District.

Demonstrators clashed with police officers on Saturday afternoon at a rally that was billed as a campaign event for local elections.

Boris Johnson Has Big Lead in U.K. Election. That Might Not Mean Much.

In Britain’s Brexit-scrambled politics, four parties are competing and the winning margins will be narrow. Nothing in this campaign is likely to go as the experts predict.

Unrest in Bolivia Spreads Following Disputed Election.

Allegations that the ruling party rigged the Oct. 20 election have sparked violent protests and calls for a new election.

Russia Tests New Disinformation Tactics in Africa to Expand Influence.

Facebook said it removed three Russian-backed influence networks aimed at African countries. The activity by the networks suggested Russia’s approach was evolving.

Jeremy Corbyn Says Labour Will Back Early Election

The announcement from the opposition leader comes amid the ongoing battle over Brexit.

Hong Kong Bars Joshua Wong, a Prominent Activist, From Seeking Election.

Mr. Wong, a teenage leader of the 2014 Umbrella Movement, had planned to run for a district council position amid widespread public anger with the government.

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In Argentina Election, Leftists Savor Victory Over Incumbent.

President Mauricio Macri was defeated by a ticket that included former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in the No. 2 spot.

Germany’s Far Right Tightens Its Grip in the East

The Alternative for Germany party doubled its share of the vote in Thuringia, where it is led by the party’s most notorious ideologue.

Peronists Savor Expected Comeback in Argentina Election.

The economy is in the dumps and the front-runner has not said how he will turn things around, but as they voted for president, Argentines expressed hope for a new era.

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