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Canadian woman accused of sending Trump ricin letter pleads not guilty.

District Court Judge Kenneth Schroeder Jr. says Pascale Ferrier was clearly capable of causing harm when she tried to cross the Canada-U. S. border last week.

L.A. police officer injured after man steals gun, opens fire inside station

The suspect, who was not wounded, got into a vehicle and drove off, police said. Officers stopped him a short distance away and he was arrested.

Mom cuffed, tasered after refusing to wear mask at son’s football game in Ohio.

The Ohio woman is facing trespassing charges after refusing to put on a mask or leave the premises, police say.

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Kazakh citizen sentenced to three years in prison for participation in Donbas war.

The Almaly District Court of Almaty has sentenced a Kazakh citizen who took part in the war in Donbas to three years in prison, according to the local newspaper Liter.

Cybercrime in Ukraine has grown 2.5-fold over past five years

Number of cybercrime offences in Ukraine has increased 2.5-fold over the past five years.

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Model and Instagram ‘Catwoman’ jailed for series of masked burglaries.

Monique Agostino, 25, was convicted of helping some teen boys with a string of burglaries in Sydney, Australia.

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‘Jesus of Siberia’ arrested on cult-related charges in Russia.

Sergey Torop, who leads a community of thousands in the woods of Siberia, was arrested in a major security operation.

Indian man accused of slashing pregnant wife to check baby’s ‘gender’.

The father of five daughters was hoping for a son, according to police and the victim's family.

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