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Gap in unempoyment rates for Black, white Americans hits 5-year high.

The coronavirus pandemic brought an abrupt end to the record-long U.S. economic expansion just as it was creating better job opportunities for Black workers and other minorities.

U.S. sees more than 50,000 coronavirus cases in single day, setting a new record

The true toll of the pandemic is believed to be significantly higher, in part because of limited testing and mild cases that have been missed.

U.S. Senate extends small business coronavirus relief program to Aug. 8

The move by Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin came hours before a deadline for applying for the program, which was created in March and modified twice since.

Reality check: 20% of Americans live in new coronavirus hot spots.

It’s been a frequent Trump administration talking point on the recent spike in COVID-19 infections: Don’t worry, only a small sliver of U.S. counties is at greater risk. In offering this reassurance, Vice President Mike Pence and Health and Human ...

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‘Irresponsible’ to rely on hospital capacity data amid U.

Experts say statewide statistics can be deceiving, especially in large states where individual hospitals can be in crisis mode even while the overall capacity numbers look OK.

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Pence says it’s ‘a good thing’ younger Americans make up portion of new coronavirus cases.

Pence, who is leading the country's coronavirus task force, told reporters Friday that it's 'very encouraging news' that 'roughly half of the new cases are Americans under the age of 35.'

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Whistleblower who slammed U.S. coronavirus response says he’s been punished further

Dr. Rick Bright said in an amended complaint that he has been relegated to a lesser role, unable to lend his full expertise to the battle against COVID-19.

White House backs new effort to end Obamacare despite coronavirus pandemic.

Close to half a million people who lost their health insurance amid the economic shutdown to slow the spread of COVID-19 have gotten coverage through, the government reported Thursday.

Actual U.S. coronavirus cases may be 20 million, officials suggest

The White House announced Thursday evening that the government's coronavirus task force, led by Vice President Mike Pence, will hold a briefing on Friday.

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Texas hits ‘pause’ on reopening as coronavirus cases, hospitalizations spike.

Statewide, the number of COVID-19 patients has more than doubled in two weeks.

Governments globally ramp up COVID-19 precautions as cases continue to surge.

Governments and businesses are ramping up precautions as coronavirus case numbers rise to dire new levels in parts of the U.S. and around the world.

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Democrats to hold mostly virtual convention for Biden nomination, party says.

It’s the latest sign of how much the COVID-19 pandemic has upended American life and the 2020 presidential election.

Fauci to testify to U.S. Congress amid coronavirus surges, misinformation

Dr. Anthony Fauci has recently warned that the U.S. is still in the first wave of the pandemic and has continued to urge the American public to practice social distancing.

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In reversal, U.S. Navy won’t rehire ship captain who oversaw coronavirus outbreak

The decision was a surprise since the Navy had recommended that Capt. Brett E. Crozier be restored to his command less than two months ago after an initial inquiry.

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As coronavirus cases surge in U.S., deaths are falling. Experts say it may not last

Deaths from COVID-19 across the country are down to about 680 a day, compared with around 960 two weeks ago, according to an Associated Press analysis of data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

Over half of Americans aren’t buying White House coronavirus messaging: poll.

The numbers amount to a flashing warning for President Donald Trump and his team, who are eager to change the narrative about the pandemic.

‘Overblown’: White House ramps up effort to downplay U.

Public health experts and Democratic officials worry the Trump administration is sending a dangerous message to the American public as some parts of the country have seen a surge in cases in recent weeks.

Fauci warns U.S. states with coronavirus surges should ‘slow down a little’ in reopening

Texas and North Carolina on Friday reported their highest hospitalization rates since the pandemic began, but officials in both states said reopenings will likely still go ahead.

Some U.S. states press on with reopening, others ease up amid coronavirus surges

One by one, states are weighing the health risks from the virus against the economic damage from the stay-at-home orders that have thrown millions out of work over the past three months.

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U.S. coronavirus hotspots reopen despite worries of a second wave

As Florida reported its highest daily tally of new coronavirus cases on Thursday, Governor Ron DeSantis unveiled a plan to restart public schools at "full capacity" in the autumn, arguing the state's economy depended on it.

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U.S. coronavirus cases hit 2 million as some states see surges

Researchers now estimate that 145,728 people could die of COVID-19 in the U.S. by August.

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U.S. entered recession in February after record expansion, economists say

The economists said that employment, income and spending peaked in February and then fell sharply afterward as the viral outbreak shut down businesses across the country, marking the start of the downturn after nearly 11 full years of economic gro...

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Joe Biden officially clinches Democratic presidential nomination.

Biden reached the threshold three days after the primaries because several states, overwhelmed by huge increases in mail ballots, took days to tabulate results.

COVID-19 pandemic hits world’s poorest hard as cases rise in India, Pakistan.

The urgency of finding a way to stem outbreaks was evident as India on Thursday reported yet another record number of new infections, at 9,304, with 260 deaths in the previous 24 hours.

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White House scrambles amid fears of coronavirus resurgence during George Floyd protests.

Any uptick in cases in the weeks ahead could slow the economic rebirth that Donald Trump’s advisers believe he needs before he faces voters again in five months.

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