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Trudeau to co-host UN summit aimed at developing global response to COVID-19.

It was not certain late Wednesday, however, whether U.S. President Donald Trump, who has argued that wise leaders put the interests of their own countries first, would take part.

Nearly half of Canadians can’t tell coronavirus fact from conspiracy theory: survey.

Most Canadians believe they can easily distinguish coronavirus fact from fiction. But a new study suggests otherwise.

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Canada and U.S. are running different COVID-19 reopening races — what are the risks?

The closed border may currently stand as a defense, but experts warn that our 'closely integrated' nature may cause issues as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Faulty N95 masks sent to Canada was a ‘contractual’ issue that was fixed, China says.

The statement, which was made by the Chinese embassy in Ottawa, has since perplexed Canadian officials who have said nothing on the matter so far.

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Too early to discuss ‘immunity passports’ for COVID-19 recoveries, Trudeau says.

Trudeau was responding today to a recent World Health Organization brief that says there is no evidence that people who have recovered from the virus have antibodies that protect them from getting infected again.

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Canada reports 148 new coronavirus deaths as cases top 38,000.

The new numbers also count at least 13,100 recoveries from the virus and over 598,000 tests.

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Coronavirus: 3M files lawsuit against Canadian firm accused of price gouging N95 masks.

The lawsuit alleges that Caonic Systems Inc. set up a web domain on the e-commerce platform Shopify to sell masks it claimed had been made by 3M in Singapore and the United Kingdom.

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Coronavirus: Dozens of companies on wait-list to distribute test kits in Canada amid shortage.

Health Canada lists a backlog of more than 50 companies waiting for the green light, some of which have been waiting for more than a month

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Canada-U.S. coronavirus border restrictions could soon be ‘released,’ Trump suggests

The feeling may not be mutual, given the extent of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States.

Coronavirus deaths in Canada hit 780, total cases surpass 25,000.

A total of 1,296 cases and 63 new deaths linked to COVID-19 in Canada were announced on Monday.

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Truckers bringing goods into Canada take precautions amid coronavirus pandemic.

Truckers, and others who are exempt from the border closure and the mandatory 14-day isolation period for returning travellers, are still required to continually self-monitor for symptoms and practise proper self-isolation measures.

Are school closures effective in stopping COVID-19? Researchers aren’t sure.

Researchers in the U.K. say evidence from influenza outbreaks and SARS suggest these closures may only have only a small impact on the spread of a virus.

Crews of cargo ships being denied shore leave for longer periods during coronavirus.

Crews on some foreign-flagged ships, meanwhile, are being told they'll be stuck on their ships - without shore leave - for up to nine months.

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Coronavirus: Ottawa man denied time with dying parents after testing delays.

"The system has failed my family, the government has failed my family," said Craig Conoley in an interview with Global News.

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Chicago’s rate of coronavirus deaths, illness among Black residents alarms U.

Black residents accounted for 72 per cent of deaths from COVID-19 complications in the city and 52 per cent of positive tests for the coronavirus, despite making up only 30 per cent of the city's population, according to the city's public health a...

Coronavirus: Trump says 3M to supply U.S. with 55.5M face masks a month

Trump announced the deal during his daily COVID-19 response briefing, and said that a total of 166.5 million face masks would be made for their front line health-care workers "over the next couple of months."

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Cannabis, bar industries eligible for $40B government bank credit program.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, Michael Denham said the program from the Business Development Bank of Canada would now be open to all businesses.

Canada’s coronavirus response can shift economy’s direction to low-carbon: experts.

Analysts are saying that Canada could hasten its recovery and position itself for a low-carbon economy by the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Coronavirus: Canadians aboard Coral Princess cruise ship to begin returning home.

The company has said that a dozen people on board have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, while others are experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Stigma, shaming and fear: The hidden suffering of coronavirus around the world.

The spreading global pandemic has tested the competing interests of public health and privacy, with thousands of individuals experiencing both physical illness and the less-visible stigma that can come with it.

‘It’s heart-wrenching’: Morgues struggle with demand as COVID-19 cases surge.

Morgues around the world from New York to Ecuador are struggling to keep up with the demand for space as coronavirus cases top 1,000,000 worldwide.

Kids put their COVID-19 questions to the experts

Global News invited our youngest viewers to submit their questions on COVID-19 and the new coronavirus. Here's what doctors and germ experts had to say.

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