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George Floyd protests spark COVID-19 fears in U.S., South Korea sees rise in cases

Protests around the U.S. against police brutality have sparked fears of a further spread of the coronavirus, while South Korea is reporting a steady rise in cases around the capital after appearing to bring the outbreak under control.

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Montrealers protest police brutality, racism after the killing of George Floyd.

The killing of George Floyd has sparked a series of protests in several cities since his death on May 25.

Trump pushes back G7 summit as U.S. cities burn over George Floyd protests

He's musing about scheduling the gathering in September, possibly coinciding with the annual United Nations General Counsel meeting in New York.

Flight Free 2020: Climate action group never wanted to succeed this way.

Flight Free UK wanted to 100,000 Britons to pledge not to fly in 2020. Then came COVID-19, and now the air travel industry is on its knees.

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Officials worry George Floyd protests could cause new coronavirus outbreaks.

Health experts fear that silent carriers of the virus who have no symptoms could unwittingly infect others at gatherings with people packed cheek to jowl and cheering and jeering, many without masks.

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Trump wants G7 summit delayed, says group needs new members.

The G7 members are Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Russia to start coronavirus vaccine clinical trials in two weeks, health minister says.

Russia has the world's third-highest toll of coronavirus infections after the United States and Brazil, and Kremlin officials have said the nation's researchers are working on almost 50 different vaccine projects.

Coronavirus: Trump’s WHO funding cut draws criticism as COVID-19 spreads.

Trump on Friday charged that the WHO didn't respond adequately to the coroanvirus pandemic, accusing the U.N. agency of being under China's ``total control.''

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Coronavirus: U.N. announces first 2 peacekeepers have died from virus

According to the U.N. peacekeeping department, there have been 137 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in U.N. peacekeeping operations, with the greatest number by far — 90 cases — in Mali.

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Coronavirus: Ozarks partygoer tests positive for COVID-19.

Health officials said Friday that they were seeking to ``inform mass numbers of unknown people'' after a person who attended crowded pool parties over Memorial Day weekend at Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks tested positive for COVID-19.

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St. Albert woman stuck in Peru calls on government for help getting home

A St. Albert woman stuck in Peru since early March says she fears for her life due to COVID-19 conditions in that country. She is pleading with the federal government for help.

Coronavirus began spreading in U.S. in mid-January: CDC study

Anyone in the U.S. who thought they had the virus in December or early January probably had the flu, public health researchers said.

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Coronavirus: France adds new cases, clusters as reopening plans announced.

The country's national health agency clarified Friday that the surprising new figures were the result of a new accounting method, and not linked to a much-feared second wave of the virus.

Alberta outfitters decimated by COVID-19 restrictions, cost tourism industry billions.

Tourism around the world has been hit hard by COVID-19 and Alberta is no exception. However, certain segments of the industry, like outfitters, who which rely on international visitors, are struggling even more.

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The New Reality: What can Canada learn from Denmark’s return to class?.

Denmark was the first country to reopen classrooms in Europe. Canadian parents are questioning whether we can learn from this model so no child is left behind academically.

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The one they gave away: Fishermen donate huge tuna to health-care workers.

The 220-pound tuna was immediately donated to a local hospital in Hawaii.

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Coronavirus: Feds exploring how to reunite families separated by Canada-U.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said some premiers support the idea but others are concerned about the potential risk of COVID-19 cases being imported into their provinces.

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Europe fraying under economic strain from COVID-19 as cases rise in Africa, France.

Strong safety-net programs in many European countries are underwriting the wages of millions of workers and keeping them on the payroll instead of adding them to the ranks of the unemployed. But the limits are starting to show.

COMMENTARY: Steep costs of pandemic will cut foreign aid funding when it’s needed most.

With the richest countries facing mounting bills in the pandemic, it is hard to see how they can answer any call to help poorer nations, Matthew Fisher says.

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Coronavirus: Hundreds of Paris health-care workers protest for more money, resources.

Insufficient funding has lead to limited staff and resources from the start of the coronavirus pandemic in French hospitals.

U.S. weekly jobless claims stay above 2 million despite reopenings

Analysts are watching the jobless claims data for signs of how fast — or slow — the recovery will be.

Trudeau to co-host UN summit aimed at developing global response to COVID-19.

It was not certain late Wednesday, however, whether U.S. President Donald Trump, who has argued that wise leaders put the interests of their own countries first, would take part.

U.S. coronavirus deaths hit grim record as cases rise rapidly in India, Russia

The once-unthinkable death toll in the U.S. means that more Americans have died from the virus than were killed in the Vietnam and Korean wars combined.

Coronavirus: What does Banff look like without international tourism?.

Banff, as a town, was created to serve tourists visiting the national park. So, what happens when a global pandemic restricts the 50 per cent of its visitors coming from outside Canada?

At least 14 million people could go hungry in Latin America due to coronavirus: UN.

Whereas 3.4 million experienced severe food insecurity in 2019, that number could more than quadruple this year in one of the world’s most vulnerable regions.

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