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What are the risks for ARMA's activities posed by potential legislative changes?.

Vitalii Syhydyn, Acting Head of ARMA

What shall Scania do – satisfy illegal claims or further invest in Ukraine?.

Ints Krastins, financial director, Scania Ukraine


GTS unbundling generated $7 billion for Ukrainians, while defective unbundling of distribution system operators caused losses.

Aliona Osmolovska,  Director of Government and Stakeholder Relations at Naftogaz of Ukraine


Instead of adopting foreign laws on combating violence, we'd better comply with our own.

Anna Daniel, Lawyer, Ph.D. in Law


Electric current in the service of the police: why to expand the grounds for the use of tasers.

Ihor Klymenko, The Head of the National Police of Ukraine Police General of the second rank, PhD(Psychology)


The Biden presidency: what business needs to know and what Ukraine needs to prepare for.

Vadym Antsyferov, investor, co-founder & CEO GoMage and Sellbery

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New Face of Ukrainian E-Commerce Market: What Changes 2020 Has Caused.

Alexander Storozhuk, Internet entrepreneur, founder of the PRNEWS.IO online service

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Russian military force. Is deterrence possible?

Vadym Chernysh, Head of the Center for Security Studies "CENSS", Minister for the Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs(2016-2019)

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From the «Transition Plan» to life. How the state recognized NGOs as partners

Pavlo Rozenko,  Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine(2014-16),  Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine(2016-2020)

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Antitrust whistleblower: culture and ethics of denunciation in business world.

Mariya Nizhnik, Attorney, First Deputy Chairlady of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine(2015-2019)


Digitalization during the quarantine: when business needs to be accelerated.

Boris Belyansky, CEO of MTI hi-tech distribution

Judicial system: cut can not be co-financed

Roman Babiy, Ukrainian lawyer, politician, people's deputy of Ukraine for the IX convocation


Ukrainian passenger cars for budgetary funds - entire Ukraine will benefit.

Vladimir I. Prikhodko, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PJSC "KRCBW", Member of the Presidium of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine

Energy «puzzle» : how to lay down for the benefit of all?.

Oleg Kozachuk, founder of the Association for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, Head of Khmelnitskoblenergo JSC

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Ukraine is searching for alternative financial loans.

Taras Semenyuk, KyivStratPro

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Rescue wings of rehabilitation: how to save the low-cost carrier SkyUp from falling(go bankrupt).

Mykola Lukashuk, Head of National Association of arbitration managers of Ukraine, managing partner of PRAVOVA KONSTANTA LLC

Logistic «antifragility» : how the second wave of quarantine will affect the freight market.

Svetlana Milgevskaya, owner of SAT

I do not regret any decision I made this year as the Head of the National Police of Ukraine.

Ihor KLymenko, The Head of the National Police of Ukraine, Police General of the second rank, PhD(Psychology)

Why does the city Dnipro need a new airport?

Kyrylo Khomiakov, The Head of State Agency for Infrastructure Projects of Ukraine