Methane emissions from coalmines could stoke climate crisis – study.

Millions of tonnes belched into atmosphere as policymakers overlook threat, researchers findThe methane emissions leaking from the world’s coalmines could be stoking the global climate crisis at the same rate as the shipping and aviation industrie...

As Australia Burns, Its Leaders Trade Insults

The country has long been a model for common-sense public policy. But this week’s fires have revealed once again that its pragmatism stops at climate change.

5 Global Trends Shaping Our Climate Future

Here's how the next 20 years are shaping up in terms of energy, and what it means for global warming.

E.P.A. Weakens Rules Governing Toxic Water Pollution From Coal Plants

The Trump administration on Monday moved to weaken regulations aimed at limiting the seepage of lead, arsenic and other toxic pollution into water supplies.

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E.P.A. to Roll Back Rules on Coal Toxins

The Trump administration is expected today to roll back rules designed to limit emissions of heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury from coal-fired power plants.

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Murray Energy, a Top Coal Producer, Files for Bankruptcy.

The company, led by a political ally of President Trump, is the latest casualty of a switch by utilities to natural gas and renewable energy sources.

Concerns as EU bank balks at plan to halt fossil fuel investments.

Last-minute lobbying forces delay to ambitious move by European Investment BankThe European Investment Bank (EIB) has balked at a proposal to halt new investments in fossil fuels, raising concerns that Germany and other nations are plotting to wat...

NSW government may open two new coal fields for exploration to boost economic growth.

Exclusive: Berejiklian government urged to develop Hawkins-Rumker area and Wollar field near BylongThe New South Wales government is considering opening two large coal fields to exploration as it seeks to make the state the “number one mining inve...

Why we need political action to tackle the oil, coal and gas companies - video explainer.

The Guardian reveals the 20 fossil fuel companies whose relentless exploitation of the world’s oil, gas and coal reserves can be directly linked to more than one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions in the modern era. The global environment edito...

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Revealed: the 20 firms behind a third of all carbon emissions.

New data shows how fossil fuel companies have driven climate crisis despite industry knowing dangersThe Guardian today reveals the 20 fossil fuel companies whose relentless exploitation of the world’s oil, gas and coal reserves can be directly lin...

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'Human rights before mining rights': German villagers take on coal giant.

Residents say they will not be ousted by energy firm seeking to expand the Garzweiler mineA group of villagers living on the edge of one of Germany’s biggest surface coalmines have vowed not sell their properties to the energy company RWE, and to ...

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David Attenborough attacks Australian PM on climate record and support for coal.

Natural historian denounces Scott Morrison’s policies, saying the bleached Great Barrier Reef is ‘a tragic sight’David Attenborough has criticised the Morrison government’s record on climate policy and support for new coalmines.In an interview tha...

Countries must triple climate emissions targets to limit global heating to 2C.

United in Science report ahead of UN summit says climate is changing faster than forecast, and current plans would lead to ‘catastrophic’ global temperature rise An assessment backed by the world’s major climate science bodies has found commitmen...

Who’s Speaking at the U.N. Climate Summit? Several Champions of Coal.

Countries that continue to push coal will take the podium Monday at the United Nations Climate Action Summit.

6 Major Climate Change Rules the Trump Administration Is Reversing.

The Trump administration is trying to roll back more than 80 environmental rules; half involve climate change. Here are some of the biggest climate-related ones.

Revealed: 'fierce' Pacific forum meeting almost collapsed over climate crisis.

Australia’s prime minister Scott Morrison came under fire from Tuvalu’s leader Enele SopoagaCritical talks at the Pacific Islands Forum almost collapsed twice amid “fierce” clashes between the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, and Tuvalu’...

Australia removes climate 'crisis' from Pacific islands draft declaration.

Sources say Canberra has softened language, getting rid of all but one reference to coalAustralia has succeeded in removing all but one reference to coal on the draft communique of the Pacific Islands Forum, and is expected to be able to get that ...

Australia coal use is 'existential threat' to Pacific islands, says Fiji PM.

Frank Bainimarama appeals to larger neighbour to ‘more fully appreciate’ climate risks and reduce carbon emissionsThe prime minister of Fiji has warned Australia to reduce its coal emissions and do more to combat climate change as regional leaders...

Just 10% of fossil fuel subsidy cash 'could pay for green transition'.

Redirecting small portion of subsidies would unleash clean energy revolution, says reportSwitching just some of the huge subsidies supporting fossil fuels to renewables would unleash a runaway clean energy revolution, according to a new report, si...

Kenya's first coal plant construction paused in climate victory.

Owners failed to assess environmental and community concerns, court rules, while US ambassador wades into debate in support of coal powerKenya has been urged to halt construction of the country’s first ever coal-powered plant near the coastal town...

Chris Cline, Coal Mining Entrepreneur, Is Killed in Helicopter Crash, Reports Say.

Mr. Cline was a well-known philanthropist and Republican donor who began working in the coal industry in West Virginia.


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