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Canada updates travel advisory for Hong Kong after China enacts security law.

Travel Canada says the new national security legislation enacted by China could put Canadians "at an increased risk of arbitrary detention."

China to impose visa restrictions on Americans over Hong Kong dispute.

It comes as China's legislature is expected to pass a national security law for Hong Kong on Tuesday that critics say will severely limit opposition politics and freedom of speech in the city.

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Hong Kong activist urges Canada, others to speak out against China security bill.

Emily Lau warns that people from Hong Kong face a grim future as China dismantles its democracy.

‘Path to citizenship’: U.K. may extend visa rights to nearly 3 million in Hong Kong

"If China imposes [its] law, we will explore options to allow British Nationals Overseas to apply for leave to stay in the UK, including a path to citizenship," Home Secretary Priti Patel said in a statement.

Hong Kong legislature removes pro-democracy lawmakers from anthem bill debate.

The city’s pro-democracy opposition sees both the security legislation and the anthem law as assaults on that autonomy, and the U.S. has called on China to back off on the security law.

COMMENTARY: Ottawa equivocates as China imposes its will on Hong Kong.

If Canada truly supports democracy in Hong Kong, it must move far beyond pointless palaver about how China should 'talk more' with the people there, Matthew Fisher says.

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New China law is ‘death knell’ for Hong Kong autonomy: Pompeo.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called for Beiing to reconsider taking over Hong Kong's national security legislation and warned of an unspecified U.S. response if it proceeds.

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COMMENTARY: China shows off military strength as Beijing eyes new rules for Hong Kong.

China's National People’s Congress will soon rubber stamp Draconian new security legislation designed to strip Hong Kong of its last democratic vestiges, Matthew Fisher says.


China calls Hong Kong protesters a ‘virus’, says city won’t be calm until they’re removed.

The Hong Kong and Macau Affairs office warned that China's central government will not sit idly by "with this recklessly demented force in place."

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