Highways on Fire. Semesters Cut Short. A Recession. Can Hong Kong Heal?

Months of antigovernment protests and increasingly violent clashes with the police have upended daily life, with the potential to alter the city’s character.

Second death in Hong Kong protests as Xi demands end to violence.

Victim is thought to have been hit by brick during clash between protesters and pro-Beijing residentsA second man has died during the protests in Hong Kong, hours after China’s president issued his most direct warning yet to the city, saying it ne...

Chinese government may have falsified organ donation numbers, study says.

Researchers raise new concerns about the use of executed prisoners and other forced donors for transplantsThe Chinese government may have been systematically falsifying its organ donation numbers, raising renewed concerns over the use of executed ...

Hong Kong protests: foreign students start to leave as unrest shifts to universities.

Danish university chief tells its 36 students to return home after dormitories set on fireDozens of foreign students have been urged to leave Hong Kong after another night of violence, with the battleground shifting to university campuses.Several ...

Two people diagnosed with pneumonic plague in China.

Authorities working to contain outbreak of disease that is worse than bubonic plagueTwo people in China have been diagnosed with plague, the latest cases of a disease more commonly associated with historical catastrophe.Plague is caused by the bac...

University students flee Hong Kong as violent protests escalate.

For the third day in a row, protesters caused major train service disruptions Wednesday, blocked streets and rallied in the central business district. They hunkered down for expected clashes with police at university campuses.

Why Are People Protesting in Hong Kong?

A movement that began peacefully six months ago has descended into chaos.

Hong Kong in chaos as protesters take to streets with bows and arrows.

Universities become latest battleground after months of protests that have brought the city to a standstillHong Kong was paralysed on Wednesday morning, with much of the city’s public transport suspended and all universities closed following sharp...

51 Children Hurt in Chemical Attack at Chinese Elementary School.

Three teachers were also injured in the attack, in which a man entered a kindergarten in Yunnan Province and sprayed a caustic chemical, the official state news agency said.

Edward Snowden says autobiography has been censored in China.

Sections on democracy and privacy appear to be missing in Chinese edition of Permanent RecordEdward Snowden, a former US National Security Agency contractor and whistleblower, has said that the Chinese version of his recently published autobiograp...

Hong Kong protesters block roads, clash with police as chaos continues.

The clashes followed an especially violent day in Hong Kong’s five months of anti-government demonstrations, in which police shot one protester and a man was set on fire.

Protests Erupt in Hong Kong a Day After Shooting

Protesters angry over the police shooting of a young demonstrator blocked roads, forced train delays and clashed with officers near universities.

Man set on fire, protester shot by police: Hong Kong violence continues.

Hong Kong is preparing for Nov. 24 district council elections that are seen as a measure of public sentiment toward the government.

Ugly From the Outset: A Day of Violence and Anger in Hong Kong.

A police officer shot a young protester, while a man arguing with protesters was set on fire. Both are fighting for their lives.

There Sure Are a Lot of People in China Buying Stuff Online Today.

The Singles Day retail bonanza shows that the world still wants to come to China, at least when giant buckets of money are involved.

Hong Kong police shoot demonstrator during morning rush-hour.

Protester is shot in chest as officer struggles with another demonstrator during unrestHong Kong police shot at least one protester on Monday during rush hour as anti-government demonstrators blocked roads and called for a day of strikes, followin...

How Bad Is China’s Debt? A City Hospital Is Asking Nurses for Loans.

The city of Ruzhou spent big, then used its health care workers to raise money, as local governments look for ways to keep the economy going.

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Hunting for White Elephants in China’s Coal Country.

We came looking for signs of government overspending. We left with a police escort. These days in China, the economy is a sensitive subject.

Protesters storm mall, vandalize subway station as chaos in Hong Kong continues.

Hong Kong is in the sixth month of protests that began in June over a proposed extradition law and have expanded to include demands for greater democracy and other grievances.

Huawei founder, whose daughter is under arrest in Canada, speaks out about U.

His daughter, Huawei’s chief financial officer, is under arrest in Canada on U.S. charges she helped to violate sanctions against Iran.

7 Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers detained or face arrest.

A police statement said one of the lawmakers was charged Saturday. All of them will appear in court on Monday.

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Hong Kong protesters throw petrol-bombs as vigil for student spirals into violence.

Police used a robot to detonate a suspected explosive device on a side street.

Alibaba Resumes Plan for Hong Kong Listing in a Boost for the City.

The offering, valued at $10 billion to $15 billion, could help restore confidence after protests shook the territory’s economy.

DealBook: U.S. and China Could Roll Back Tariffs

It would be the first time the Trump administration has agreed to remove any of the tariffs it has placed on $360 billion worth of Chinese goods.

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American Companies Tiptoe Toward China’s Big Shopping Day.

Taylor Swift will be there. But tensions over trade and Hong Kong have made some U.S. retailers wary ahead of Singles Day.

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