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California braces for dry, windy weekend weather that may worsen wildfires.

Firefighters battling the state's largest wildfire braced for the change in weather by constructing fuel breaks on Friday to keep the flames from reaching a marijuana-growing enclave.

San Francisco sues 28 alleged drug dealers in effort to curb overdose deaths.

The lawsuits, if approved in California Superior Court, would prevent the alleged dealers from entering a 50-block area in one neighbourhood and part of another.

‘Stubborn’ California wildfire fueled by lack of firefighting resources: officials.

By the time staffing was ramped up, the Bobcat Fire in Los Angeles County had found its way deep into inaccessible old-growth forest.

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Desert homes near Los Angeles threatened by massive California wildfire.

Five of the largest wildfires in state history are currently burning and more than 14,500 square kilometers have been charred, an area larger than the state of Connecticut, Gov. Gavin Newsom said.

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