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Coronavirus: Britain to lift travel quarantine rule for ‘lower risk’ countries.

The change takes effect July 10, just over a month after the U.K. began requiring international arrivals to self-isolate for two weeks.

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Australia may follow Britain in opening door to Hong Kong people after security law.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Thursday that events in Hong Kong were concerning and the Australian government was "prepared to step up and provide support."

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British PM announces cross-government commission on racism following BLM protests.

He said progress in tackling racism and improving opportunities, such as significantly more Black and ethnic minority students going to university, had been "slightly lost."

Black Britons voice need for education to deal with colonial past after Colston statue toppled.

As the U.K. comes face to face with its colonial history, some Black Britons are saying education is key to bringing about change in how the country moves forward.

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U.K. economy nosedives 20.4% in one month due to COVID-19 lockdown measures

All areas of the economy were hit during the month, in particular pubs, education, health and car sales.

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Lockdown 1 week earlier could have halved U.K.’s coronavirus death toll: scientist

Britain has an official death toll from confirmed COVID-19 cases of over 40,000, rising to over 50,000 cases when deaths from suspected cases are included.

BP to slash 10,000 jobs worldwide over COVID-19 impacts.

The global energy industry has been hit hard by the pandemic as the widespread limits on business, travel and public life reduced the need for oil, gas and other fuels.

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