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Coronavirus: U.S. travel ban on Brazil to start Tuesday, 2 days earlier than announced

In its original announcement on Sunday, it said the restrictions would come into force on May 28.

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U.S. to ban travellers from world’s No. 2 coronavirus hotspot Brazil

President Donald Trump had already banned travel from the United Kingdom, Europe and China. He said last week that he was considering similar restrictions for Brazil.

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Video shows Brazil’s leader calling for police to be replaced so family isn’t ‘screwed’.

The scandal stems from an accusation that Jair Bolsonaro leaned on his former justice minister to change senior federal police officials amid investigations into members of the president's political clan.

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Latin America sees surge of coronavirus cases, deaths.

The region's two largest nations -- Mexico and Brazil -- reported record counts of new cases and deaths almost daily this week, fuelling criticism of their presidents, who have slow-walked shutdowns in attempts to limit economic damage.

Brazil sees record daily death toll; poised to become world’s No.

Brazil passed 20,000 deaths on Thursday and has 310,087 confirmed cases, up over 18,500 in a single day, according to Health Ministry data.

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‘New normal’ anything but as countries continue to slowly reopen amid coronavirus.

Hundreds of thousands of high school seniors in South Korea had their temperature checked and rubbed their hands with sanitizer as they returned to school Wednesday, many for the first time since late last year after their new term was repeatedly ...

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Trump mulls travel ban for Brazil as country’s coronavirus cases rise to 3rd in world.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro also doubled down on recommending the use of the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a possible remedy, echoing Trump's approval of the drug.

Brazil agency’s slow response led to rising Indigenous COVID-19 cases: sources.

At least 88 indigenous people have already died of COVID-19 in the Amazon, according to a tally by the Brazilian indigenous organization APIB. The count is likely higher.

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Brazil loses second health minister in a month as coronavirus outbreak grows.

Brazil's death toll has risen by more than 800 per day to nearly 15,000 on Friday, as the crisis overwhelms hospitals in several cities and public cemeteries resort to mass graves.

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Coronavirus engulfs Latin America as Brazil, Mexico report record surges in cases.

The surge in virus cases across chunks of Latin America comes at a time when other regions, especially Europe and China, are seeing a downward trajectory of new infections.

Brazil deploys military to protect Amazon rainforest.

The armed forces, alongside environmental officials, police and other government agencies, began with an operation in a national forest in Rondonia state, near the Bolivian border.

Brazil’s Supreme Court overturns rules limiting gay men from donating blood.

The Supreme Court said the ban was unconstitutional as it imposed restrictions on gay and bisexual men.

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Man discovers he has 3 kidneys after going to doctor for lower back pain.

Fewer than 100 cases of having a third kidney have been reported in medical literature.

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Inmates take guards hostage at prison in coronavirus-hit Brazilian city of Manaus.

The rebellion came as the coronavirus outbreak overwhelms public services in Manaus, with authorities burying victims in mass graves and warning residents of an imminent shortage of coffins.

Coronavirus: Google travel data shows movement in U.

The latest weekly update of aggregated travel patterns Google collected from its users' phones pointed to increased disobedience with lockdown orders in place since March but rising compliance with those issued last month.

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Coronavirus: Brazil emerges as virus hot spot as New Zealand lifts restrictions.

Surfers in New Zealand hit the waves at dawn, builders returned to construction sites and baristas fired up their espresso machines as the nation eased a strict lockdown Tuesday amid hopeful signs the coronavirus has been all but vanquished Down U...

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Brazil eyes restart of soccer games, businesses as coronavirus cases top 66,000.

Some scientists said over 1 million in Brazil are probably infected. The country is heading into winter, which can worsen respiratory illnesses.

Coronavirus: Brazil emerging as world hot spot for virus.

Medical officials in Rio de Janeiro and at least four other major cities have warned that their hospital systems are on the verge of collapse, or already too overwhelmed to take any more patients.

Brazil justice minister resigns, accuses Bolsonaro of meddling.

Sergio Moro, who won broad public support for jailing corrupt politicians and businessmen as a judge, said he was resigning because President Jair Bolsonaro fired federal police chief Mauricio Valeixo for personal and political reasons.

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Brazil’s Bolsonaro fires health minister as country’s coronavirus deaths near 2,000.

On Thursday he again called for states to end stay-at-home orders that he said were hurting the economy.

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