Biden Transition

U.S. election: Here’s what the Biden team gets now that the transition is approved

Here's what will happen now that the federal General Services Administration has allowed the formal transition process to begin after a weeks-long delay.

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Sanders, Warren’s hopes for Biden cabinet positions run into tough political reality.

The liberal New England senators remain interested in serving in Biden's Cabinet, but even some of their allies recognize they face major political hurdles getting there.

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Trump’s coronavirus vaccine team won’t brief Biden’s transition team, U.

White House spokesman Brian Morgenstern did not address whether Biden's team would be briefed, saying vaccine distribution plans from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state governors were publicly available.

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Biden’s smooth transition in the hands of an obscure U.

Emily Murphy, 47, leads a 12,000-person agency tasked with managing the government’s real estate portfolio and serving as its global supply chain manager.

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President-elect Joe Biden faces divided Congress as he works to establish mandate.

At a time when the country needs a functioning government perhaps more than ever to confront the crises of COVID-19, a teetering economy and racial injustice, Washington is being challenged by the president-elect to do better than it has.

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Republicans call for Biden to access intelligence briefings, but most stick with Trump.

The Republicans willing to break publicly with Trump's unprecedented effort to undermine the election remain an extremely small minority.

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Biden picks chief of staff with experience in virus management, past administrations.

Ron Klain served as U.S. President Barack Obama's "Ebola Czar," and has used that experience to counsel the new president-elect on the coronavirus.

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Biden plans speech to defend Affordable Care Act as courts to mull its fate.

The suit challenging the health care law was brought in America’s largest conservative state, Texas, and is backed by Trump and top Republicans.

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U.S election: Biden team considers legal action as agency delays approving transition

The General Services Administration normally recognizes a presidential candidate when it becomes clear who has won an election so that a transition of power can begin. That hasn't happened yet.

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