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Thousands protest in Belarus, call for president’s resignation as deadline looms.

Over 200,000 people took part in the demonstration in Minsk, the Viasna human rights centre said.

Hundreds of protesters in Belarus continue to push for president’s resignation.

Several hundred women marched across the capital of Belarus in heavy rain Saturday to demand the resignation of the country's authoritarian president, continuing more than 2 1/2 months of protests against his challenged reelection to a sixth term.

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Thousands of retirees march in Belarus demanding Lukashenko’s resignation.

Tens of thousands have been regularly protesting in Minsk and other cities since the vote, demanding that Lukashenko step down.

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Scores of protesters detained as Belarus police disperse demonstration.

The Viasna human rights centre said more than 30 demonstrators were detained.

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Canada’s foreign affairs minister meets with exiled Belarus opposition leader.

"Canada will always be on your side,'' Francois-Philippe Champagne said after the meeting.

Canada sanctions 31 more Belarusian officials over disputed election violence.

Canada and the United Kingdom together imposed a first round of sanctions last month.

Over 700 Belarus protesters detained in harshest crackdown in weeks.

Despite the detentions, protests continued Monday, with the elderly taking to the streets in several Belarusian cities, demanding the president's resignation.

Belarusian police detain dozens following protester crackdown.

Belarus, a former Soviet republic closely allied with Russia, has been rocked by street protests and strikes since authorities announced that veteran leader Alexander Lukashenko had won an Aug. 9 vote by a landslide.

Belarus leader Lukashenko visits imprisoned opposition activists.

Lukashenko's office said that "the goal of the president was to hear everyone's opinion." Among 11 jailed activists who attended the meeting were several members of the opposition's Coordination Council and Viktor Babariko, the former head of a ma...

Belarusian police turn water cannons on protesters as thousands rally against Lukashenko.

The crowd, waving white flags with a red stripe, marched to the beat of drums towards detention centres where political prisoners were believed to be held, according to pictures and videos posted on social media.

EU leaders agree to sanction Belarus over election results.

A special written procedure will be launched on Friday to impose sanctions on about 40 Belarus officials.

U.S. holding off on Belarus sanctions, seeks to coordinate with EU: sources

Canada and Britain have gone ahead with sanctions on individual Belarusians, which were meant to be a coordinated move with the United States.

Canada sanctions 11 Belarusian officials over election violence, repression.

The asset freeze comes after violent crackdowns on protestors opposing "fraudulent" election in Belarus.

Belarus protesters detained by police as tens of thousands rally against Lukashenko.

Riot police pulled people out of crowds and hauled them away into vans, a Reuters witness said. The Russian news agency Interfax said at least 10 people had been detained.

More than 80 demonstrators arrested as protests in Belarus continue.

Hundreds of women calling for the authoritarian president to step down protested in Belarus' capital on Saturday, continuing the large demonstrations that have rocked the country since early August.

Biden slams Trump for refusing to speak out about Belarus ‘dictator’ Lukashenko.

President Alexander Lukashenko was abruptly inaugurated on Wednesday in what Biden called a "sham ceremony."

EU slams Belarus president’s ‘inauguration,’ says it will only deepen crisis.

Thousands of Belarus citizens have taken part in more than six weeks of rallies against the authoritarian leader's reelection, which the opposition says was rigged.

Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko sworn in at unannounced inauguration.

One opposition leader called the secretive ceremony "a farce."

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