Britain considering pulling judges from Hong Kong’s highest court, minister says.

The move would be Britain's latest response to what it considers China's breaches of its international obligations in the territory.

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Canada, Five Eyes allies express concerns over expulsion of Hong Kong lawmakers.

'We urge the Chinese central authorities to reconsider their actions against Hong Kong’s elected legislature and immediately reinstate the Legislative Council members.'

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Hong Kong police arrest former pro-democracy lawmakers over months-old offences.

Hong Kong police said in a statement that they arrested three former lawmakers on charges of contempt in the legislature and intent to cause harm to others.

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Champagne won’t call China’s treatment of Uighurs genocide after Beijing criticism.

After Bob Rae said the United Nations should investigate if the Uighur's treatment amounts to genocide, China called his comments "ridiculous" and said Canada was being hypocritical.

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Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers to resign en masse after 4 colleagues ousted.

The mass departure would leave Hong Kong's legislature with only pro-Beijing lawmakers, who already make up a majority but would be able to pass bills favoured by Beijing without much opposition.

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Hong Kong disqualifies 4 pro-democracy lawmakers from its legislature.

The move came shortly after the Chinese parliament adopted a resolution allowing the city's executive to expel legislators without having to go through the courts.

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New law passes in China to restrict sensitive exports.

The law, which will apply to all companies in China, was passed Saturday by the National People's Congress Standing Committee and will take effect on Dec. 1.

China fires 2 health officials after new coronavirus outbreak in northern city.

The health commission director in the city of Qingdao and the director of the local hospital where 12 new cases have been linked were both dismissed.

China releases spying allegations, confessions in new campaign against Taiwan.

Taiwan says China is framing and entrapping people, and that putting people on television to confess crimes before going to trial is a serious breach of proper legal process.

Taiwan president hopes to reduce tensions with China.

Speaking at Taiwan's National Day celebrations on Saturday, Tsai took note of recent remarks by Chinese leader Xi Jinping in a video message to the U.N. General Assembly that China would never seek hegemony, expansion or to establish a sphere of i...