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Trump To Roll Out Stiff Bond Requirements For Visitors From 'Overstay' Countries, Including Iran, Afghanistan.

Washington announced on November 23 that it will launch a six-month trial program next month to force visitors from about two dozen countries to post thousands of dollars in bonds before they enter the United States.

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At least 3 dead, 11 wounded after mortar shells strike parts of Afghan capital.

The Taliban issued a quick statement denying any responsibility for the attack.

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Australian troops unlawfully killed 39 Afghan prisoners, civilians: report.

As well as the 39 killings, the report outlines two allegations of cruel treatment. It says that none of the alleged crimes were committed during the heat of battle.


Senate Leader Warns Against Accelerated Withdrawal Of U.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has warned against accelerating troop reductions in Afghanistan and Iraq after news reports on November 16 said President Donald Trump planned to announced cuts to U.S. forces in the two countries within...

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Trump may have to settle for partial withdrawal of U.

Some U.S. military officials, citing U.S. counter-terrorism priorities in Afghanistan, have privately urged Trump against going to zero at this point and want to keep U.S. troop levels at around 4,500 for now.

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UN Expert Slams Limits On Minorities' Rights To Worship, Citing Russia, Iran, Among Others.

A top UN expert has urged countries to repeal laws infringing on minorities’ rights to worship and hold beliefs, singling out Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Russia, and Moldova, among countries of concern.

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UN Expert Slams Limits On Minorities' Rights To Worship, Citing Russia, Iran, Among Others.

A top UN expert has urged countries to repeal laws infringing on minorities’ rights to worship and hold beliefs, singling out Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Russia, and Moldova, among countries of concern.

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Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia Singled Out For 'Entrenched' Impunity In Killings Of Journalists.

Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Russia remain near the top on the list of countries where the Committee to Protect Journalists(CPJ)says "impunity" in cases of murdered journalists is "entrenched."

18 dead, 57 wounded in suicide bombing at education centre in Afghanistan: officials.

Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian says that the attacker was trying to enter the centre when he was stopped by security guards.

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At Least 15 Afghans Killed In Stampede Near Pakistan's Jalalabad Consulate.

At least 15 people were killed and 10 injured in a stampede that occurred inside a football stadium in Afghanistan's eastern Nangarhar Province, where thousands had gathered on October 20 to secure visas from the Pakistani consulate, officials sai...

U.S. Envoy Warns That 'Distressingly High' Level Of Violence In Afghanistan Could Derail Peace Process

U.S. envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad warned on October 18 after a car bomb killed 14 people in Ghor in central Afghanistan that continued high levels of violence in the country could threaten the peace process.

Deadly Car Bombing Shakes Afghan Provincial Center

A vehicle laden with explosives detonated outside government buildings in the city of Firoz Koh, the capital of Afghanistan's Ghor Province, on October 18. More than a dozen people were killed and at least 100 wounded in the attack. Afghan authori...

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Preventing next war with Taliban as important as ending this one: Afghans.

Danish Habibi was just a child in 2000 when the Taliban overran his village in Afghanistan's serene Bamiyan Valley. His memories of those days are reoccurring nightmares.

Afghanistan's Top Negotiator In Iran Amid Peace Talks With Taliban.

Afghanistan’s top peace negotiator has arrived in neighboring Iran as intra-Afghan peace negotiations are under way in the Gulf state of Qatar. 

13 dead, 120 wounded in car bombing in western Afghanistan: officials.

Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Aran said the car bombing struck near the entrance of the provincial police chief's office and other nearby government buildings in the area.

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Car Bombing Targeting Police In Afghanistan Kills At Least 20.

A car bombing outside a police station in central Afghanistan has killed at least 20 people, according to the Interior Ministry. 

Afghan Vice President Takes Charge of Capital Amid Rising Crime Rate.

Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh has been put in charge of the security situation in the capital amid a rise in crime that has caused an outcry among residents.

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Afghanistan-Bound Convoy Attacked In Northwest Pakistan, NATO Armored Vehicles Torched.

Pakistani officials say several armed men have attacked a convoy transporting four armored vehicles for the NATO forces in Afghanistan and set them alight.

U.S. Afghan Peace Envoy Says Taliban Agrees To Reduce Violence

The U.S. special envoy to Afghanistan says he has struck an agreement with the Taliban to reduce the number of casualties in the country as a wave of violence hampered ongoing intra-Afghan peace talks in Qatar.

Fear Grows Over Afghan Civilians 'Trapped' In Helmand's Capital.

Concerns are rising for the fate of tens of thousands of civilians caught up in battles between the Afghan government forces and the Taliban in the southern province of Helmand.

Nine Killed After Two Afghan Military Choppers Crash In Helmand Province.

Afghanistan's Defense Ministry says two of its helicopters have crashed in the southern province of Helmand due to "technical issues," killing nine people aboard.

Thousands Of Families Flee Fighting In Southern Afghan Province.

An Afghan official says thousands of families have been forced to flee fighting in the southern province of Helmand, an area that has become a battleground between Taliban militants and government forces.

U.S. launches airstrikes against Taliban in response to attacks in Afghan province

Col. Sonny Leggett said the recent Taliban attacks in Helmand province are ``not consistent'' with a U.S.-Taliban deal signed in February.

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U.S. Strikes Taliban In Helmand, Warn Militants To Halt Offensive

U.S. forces have come to the aid of the Afghan Army in the southern Helmand Province, striking at Taliban fighters who had attacked government security forces in the area in recent days and warning the militants to "immediately stop" their offensi...

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Taliban welcomes Trump’s tweet on early troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Afghan Taliban on Thursday welcomed a tweet from U.S. President Donald Trump in which he promised to have the last of U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by Christmas.