Separatists in Donbas violate truce nine times, shell residential areas in a village

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Russia-backed separatists violated the truce in Donbas nine times from 00:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. local time on December 4; in particular, residential areas in the village of Travneve in Donetsk region’s Bakhmutsky district came under fire, the press center of the Ukrainian Army has said.

“At night, the invaders used mortars to shell two private houses in the village of Travneve. Fortunately, the people were not hurt, but the roofs of the houses were damaged. In total, the Russia-backed separatists have already violated the ceasefire nine times since midnight,” the Ukrainian Military wrote on Facebook on December 4.

During their attacks on the Ukrainian forces, separatists continue using the weapons that “should have been withdrawn from the contact line long ago.”

In particular, they intensively used 82mm mortars, grenade launchers of various types, and infantry fighting vehicles’ cannons to shell Ukrainian troops near the village of Pisky in Yasynuvata district in the Donetsk sector.

“The hottest spot in the Luhansk sector is the Svitlodarska Duha bulge. Separatists repeatedly shelled our defensive positions near the village of Luhanske, using mortars and grenade launchers. Positions near the village of Novoluhanske were attacked by an infantry fighting vehicle and a twin anti-aircraft gun mount. What is more, the enemy used grenade launchers to attack the defenders of the villages of Zhovte and Zaitseve, and large-caliber machine guns were used to fire on the defenders of the village of Troyitske,” it said.

What is more, separatists do not stop intensive reconnaissance along the Svitlodarska Duha, involving special operations teams “whose goal is to perform acts of provocations, subversive activity at transport infrastructure facilities, crowded places to continue accusing and discrediting the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

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