Joe Biden dissembles or plays it safe to Ukraine?

Joe Biden


U.S. former Vice President Joe Biden accused President Donald Trump was putting pressure on Ukraine " subvert the rule of law in the express hope of extracting a political favor".

The aid in question is lethal military assistance that the Obama-Biden administration refused to give Ukraine, as the Washington Post writes.

In 2014, after Russia annexed Crimea and began arming separatists in eastern Ukraine with tanks, armored vehicles and rocket launchers, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko came to Washington to plead for weapons to defend his country. In an impassioned address to a joint session of Congress — with Biden sitting directly behind him — Poroshenko said his country appreciated the nonlethal assistance he was getting, but declared "one cannot win a war with blankets."

However, the Obama-Bien administration still did nothing despite the "passionate appeal Thursday for help in fighting pro-Russian rebels by Ukraine’s president." The administration was afraid of Moscow's reaction to the lethal aid for Ukraine.

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Instead of RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades), we provided MREs (meals ready to eat) — food rations. As one frustrated former Pentagon official put it at the time, "What kind of message does that send anyway? We are sending MREs while they are being invaded by an aggressor."

Trump changed the situation. The acting President sent the series of Javelin missile systems worth $47 million. Trump has done the thing Obama and Biden would have never done.

For Biden to now attack Trump for a temporary delay in a new round of lethal military aid reeks of hypocrisy. It was on Biden’s watch that the United States refused to deliver military aid at all. When Obama threatened to impose costs on Putin if he invaded Ukraine, the Kremlin called his bluff, too. Putin knew Obama and Biden did not have the will to stand up to him in Ukraine. And he was proved right when they refused to give Ukraine lethal aid for fear of further provoking him.

There are no reasons to stop Donald Trump or prevent him from sending the lethal aid for Ukraine. But being important for the country, which fights against the aggressor, the article ends with the question why Biden did not send the aid to Ukraine when the country needed it the most and while Biden was the Obama administration’s point man on Ukraine?

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