Satellite could be used to conduct census in occupied Donbas. Minister.

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The population of the occupied Donbas could be counted with the aid of satellite data. Dmytro Dubilet, the Minister of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine said so on the air of Ukrainian Radio.

The official said he already met with UN representatives who offer their help in the implementation of this project. However, it is complicated, and the Minister does not know how accurate would this information be.

The Minister also added that a similar project was conducted in Afghanistan, where a significant part of the territory is not controlled by the government.

Dubilet said that the government so far has no consolidated agreement on the way of conducting the census. He expressed hope that in a month or two, the research and evaluation process will be over, and then it would be possible to make conclusions on how accurate it is.

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Besides, the government considers options to mix the census with the provision of ID-cards so that the people could get the tools to use digital services.

The Cabinet allocated some USD 500,000 to conduct the census.

The last nation-wide census took place in 2001. Ukraine's population made 48.4 million people.

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