Cabinet approves concept of five-year state program for road development

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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Jan. 11, approved the concept of the state targeted economic program for the development of public roads for 2018-2022.

According to the concept, the program aims at creating a modern network of highways that will allow increasing traffic, improving the investment climate and ensuring the efficiency of transport services.

The program, in particular, provides for the rehabilitation and development of the road network on a route basis, for example, from the West to the East, the completion of construction of almost completed facilities, the phased introduction of long-term contracts, the intensification of cooperation with international financial organizations to raise funds, creating conditions for attracting investors, the introduction of a geo-information system for road management, etc.

Among the expected results of the program implementation are the improved state of 9,100 km of roads, the construction and reconstruction of 1,000 km of roads, obtaining additional funds from transit road transport, a wide use of export and logistics potential, the reduction of transportation costs.

It says that the estimated need for labor resources for the program implementation is about 55,000 jobs.

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