Happiness Index increases by 33% in Ukraine

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Happiness Index increased by 33% in Ukraine; thus, at the end of 2019, 51% of Ukrainians considered themselves to be happy and only 18% found themselves unhappy as Kyiv International Sociology Institute reported.

Thus, the Happiness Index made +33% against +8% in 2017 (in 2018, this issue was not raised in Ukraine). The research takes place since 1947 in 46 countries, particularly, in Ukraine.

Over half of the respondents of the countries, where the research took place (59%) answered positively, one person in ten (11%) states to be unhappy. Slightly more than a quarter of interviewed (28%) found themselves neither happy nor miserable. The proper, average index made 48%.

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Thus, the index in Ukraine is slightly lower than in the world generally (lower than the so-called World Happiness Index); however, it shows a substantial increase during the previous two years: +8 in 2017 and +33% in 2019.

The sociologists noted that the level of economic development does not make the perception of personal life by people happier and economic difficulties – unhappy. Even the presence or absence of military conflicts in this or that region of the world influences the perception of the life as happy on unhappy insufficiently if the conflict does not take place in the area of residence. Thus, the personal life of a person is autonomous from external effects.

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As we reported, Transparency International has released a ranking of Corruption Perception Indexes for 180 countries in 2019. Ukraine placed 126th in the list.

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