Oksana Marchenko Charity Foundation donates unique kit to detect coronavirus with extreme accuracy to Kyiv Heart Institute .

Elite InGenius, unique diagnostic device for transplantation, which is also able to detect coronavirus

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Oksana Marchenko Charity Foundation donated to the Heart Institute a unique diagnostic device for transplantation, which is also able to detect coronavirus.

Unlike the express-tests, the device produced in Italy gives an accurate result, free of error. The samples are being analyzed on 12 tracks. The uniqueness of the device also lies in diagnosis before transplantations and complex operations. The system also analyzes the donor organs, determines whether they survive or not. It is noted that this is the first apparatus of its kind in Ukraine and the entire Commonwealth of Independent States.

Borys Todurov, Director of the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Oksana Marchenko Charity Foundation

"The device was purchased at the personal expense of Oksana Marchenko and Viktor Medvedchuk. I take this opportunity to express gratitude for their support. This is not the last request that I addressed to these people. Now we are preparing to purchase equipment for patients with coronavirus. This analyzer allows us to detect the virus in our patients since early diagnostics allows us not only to detect but also to launch the correct treatment. For our institute, this is a very important piece of equipment that will help save hundreds of lives," said Borys Todurov, the Director of the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

According to the director of the suppling company Oleksiy Kovalsky, this equipment also keeps doctors safe.

"This equipment allows doctors to avoid infection. I am very grateful that there are sponsors, philanthropists who quickly, without unnecessary bureaucracy, found the opportunity and paid for this device," added Kovalsky.

As we reported earlier, Oksana Marchenko and Victor Medvedchuk handed over a batch of medications to combat coronavirus to the Zakarpattia region. All district hospitals in the region received the aid.

Patrons also bought 5 devices for artificial pulmonary ventilation, two of which shall also be delivered to the region. In total, 20 thousand masks, 350 express-tests for coronavirus, several protective suits for doctors, almost 40 thousand gloves and 500 liters of disinfection solution, as well as equipment for resuscitation were also transferred there.

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