Kyiv reports 56 new coronavirus cases - Klitschko

As reported by Censor.NET.

"Another 56 Kyiv residents have tested positive for coronavirus in the past 24 hours. Four health workers are reported to be among them. The total number of cases in Kyiv reached 6,238," he said at a briefing on July 13.

Among the Kyiv residents who have contracted COVID-19 in the past day are 21 women aged 21-75 years; a 12-year-old girl; 31 men aged 19-50 years; and 3 boys aged 4-17 years old.

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Kyiv has confirmed 51 recoveries from the virus in the past day. In total, 2,109 city residents have overcome the disease since the start of the pandemic.

As reported, Ukraine's total cases of COVID-19 reached 54,133 as of July 13, including 612 new cases that were confirmed in the past day.

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