Over 650,000 Ukrainians sign declarations with doctors

Over 650,000 Ukrainians sign declarations with doctors
Over 650,000 Ukrainians have currently signed declarations with primary care physicians, reads a report posted on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Health Ministry.

"More than 650,000 Ukrainians have already chosen their doctor - a therapist, a pediatrician or a family doctor," reads the report.

The ministry recalled that a declaration with a doctor is signed for an indefinite term. A patient can change a doctor at any time by simply completing a declaration with another specialist. At the same time, it is not possible to conclude a declaration with a few specialists.

A declaration is concluded only with specialists who work in the field of provision of medical care at the primary link, the ministry said.

A declaration for a child is in effect until the age of 18 years. After reaching this age, a declaration must be signed with a therapist or family physician.

The campaign to choose a primary care physician began in Ukraine on April 2. Citizens can choose a pediatrician, therapist or family doctor, regardless of the place of their registration and sign a declaration for the provision of medical services. From July 2018, primary care physicians will be paid for the provision of medical care to each individual patient.