Gas transit by Gazprom through Ukraine in 2020 reaches 40 bcm at full capacity provided by contract – GTSOU.


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The volume of Russian gas transit through the gas transmission system on October 4 reached 40 billion cubic meters(bcm)from the beginning of the year, the Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine(GTSOU)has said.

"As of the morning of October 4, transit of 174 million cubic meters is carried out in a daily mode. This is the maximum that is expected and is now provided for by the contract with Gazprom for the entire 2020," the company said in its report.

GTSOU said that it fully fulfills its obligations to ensure uninterrupted gas transportation to the EU countries, Moldova and Ukrainian consumers.

"We are closely watching the development of events in Germany with the Nord Stream 2 project and we hope that our partners will see the potential to increase the use of the existing infrastructure, as declared by all EU documents," GTSOU General Director Serhiy Makogon said.

He recalled that the Ukrainian GTS can transport significantly more natural gas and is in constant search for new market products and services.

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