Klitschko wins in Round 1 of Kyiv mayor election. ВИДЕО


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According to the parallel vote count, Vitaliy Klitschko, the incumbent mayor of Kyiv, wins the race again - already in Round 1;he collected some 51 percent of votes. Oksana Prodan, the UDAR party's Head of Election Campaign Staff, said so at a briefing.

As reported by Censor.NET citing the party's briefing.

"We already have data from 99 percent of polling stations, which provided their information about candidates and political forces getting their particular number of votes in Kyiv. According to the data we already have, by the parallel vote count, Vitaliy Klitschko gets 50.9 percent of votes and, quite likely, wins already in the first leg of the Kyiv mayor election", Prodan said.

She added that according to the parallel vote count, UDAR party, led by Klitschko made it to the Kyiv city council, with the result of 19.7 percent.

"We see that now(...)results of parallel count and those of the 'wet protocols' are matching, and thus, we expect these results in the alternative count", Prodan said.

According to Reyting sociological group, Klitschko collected 48.8 percent of votes. Next comes former Kyiv mayor Oleksandr Popov with 8.6, and ex-comedian Serhiy Prytula who collected 8.3 percent.

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