Cabinet mulls «virtual free economic zone»


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Обозреватель В Украине ввели день сотрудника финансового мониторинга: обращение главы службы. Обозреватель
Обозреватель В Харькове на рынке «Барабашово» вспыхнул масштабный пожар. Обозреватель Больше 20 павильонов сгорели полностью
InternetUA Создается батарея для электромобилей, которую можно зарядить за 8 минут. InternetUA Китайский производитель электрокаров GAC Group приступил к тестированию графеновых аккумуляторов.
Апостроф Ученые создали искусственную кожу, способную восстанавливаться до 5 тысяч раз: фото. Апостроф Ученые из Университета науки и технологий имени короля Абдаллы в Саудовской Аравии разработали прочную, эластичную, и чувствительную синтетическую кожу, которая может восстанавливаться до 5000 раз и может быть использована в будущем при протезировании.
Багнет Семье умершего врача отказали в денежной компенсации. Багнет
Новини по темі

Fall of GDP by year end should not exceed 5% - Kovaliv.

The drop in GDP in Ukraine by the end of 2020 should not exceed 5%, Yulia Kovaliv, the Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, has said.

IMF not considering emergency financing for Ukraine – finance minister.

The Fund opts to cooperate under the existing program.

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Minimum wage increase to US$229 postponed until Dec 2021 – finance minister.

The minimum wage is to rise to UAH 6,000(US$211)from January 1, 2021.

Ukraine's First Lady initiates signing of declaration to remove barriers in business.

Ukraine's First Lady Olena Zelenska has initiated the signing of the "Business without Barriers" declaration between large Ukrainian and international companies, the presidential press service has reported.

SBU exposes illegal coal supplies from occupied Donbas, including to EU.

Masterminds behind the scheme had falsified paperwork on product origin.

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Revised national budget draft for 2021 submitted to Rada.

The government reduced the deficit from 6.0% to 5.5% of GDP.

Transit is only optimal utilization of Ukrainian GTS.

Ukraine’s gas transmission system was built for gas transmission, and transit is currently the only way to use it optimally.

Foreign Ministry promotes deepening of business ties between Ukraine and Brazil.

A video conference of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with Brazilian business associations has been held with the assistance of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

Finance Ministry expects 2021 state budget to be approved by mid-December.

The Finance Ministry of Ukraine expects that the state budget for 2021 will be approved by mid-December.

Social policy minister elaborates on pension payments.

An increase in pensions will depend on the subsistence level and the minimum wage.

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