Ukrainian ombudsman asks UNICEF to provide human rights protection for boys detained in Kerch.

Ukrainian ombudsman Lyudmyla Denisova reacted to today's detention of two teenagers in Kerch; the boys are suspected of preparing terrorist acts in local schools. The official posted this on Facebook.

"The day of provocations staged by the aggressor state continues. The FSB detained two minor locals born in 2003 and 2004 who supposedly prepared a terrorist act in two education establishments in this city. So far, Ukrainian state authorities did not get any official information on the reasons for detention, no personal data or procedural status", she wrote.

Denisova urged UNICEF, UNICEF Ukraine and members of international human rights organizations to check if the detained citizens of Ukraine have their human rights observed.

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As we reported, the FSB detained the youngsters in the occupied Crimea. It turned out that in November 2018, one of the detainees had a preventive conversation with the police - after he approved the attack committed by Vladislav Roslyakov in Crimean school in October 2018. "In spite of this, he (the detained teenager, - 112 International) joined the internet community of the neo-Nazis, where Roslyakov used to belong", the special service reported.

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