OPORA predicts voter turnout in Ukraine's local elections at up to 40%.


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The voter turnout in Ukraine's local elections on October 25 may reach up to 40%, according to the head of the OPORA civil network, Olha Aivazovska.

She said this at a press conference at Ukrinform on Friday, October 23.

"The turnout is unlikely to be high. In the regular local elections that are held for the third time in Ukraine separately from the parliamentary elections(2010, 2015 and 2020), the turnout is below 50%. In the regular elections, without quarantine, without coronavirus, and other circumstances. Therefore, the positive turnout, in our opinion, will be up to 40%. It is hardly possible to claim that it has the prospect of being higher, although everything depends on a territorial community itself," Aivazovska said.