Media: A wife of suspect in Nozdrovska’s murder says her husband left a note

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Yuriy Rossoshansky, a man detained on suspicion of killing lawyer Iryna Nozdrovska, has left a note to his family saying that he is ready to assume the guilt due to “harassment,” in his opinion, of his son and family, his wife, Olha Rossoshanska, has said.

“Before this [detention] Yura wrote something like a suicide note. My husband said: ‘I do not want to torture myself or my relatives.’ He drew a scheme of the cemetery where to bury him. I was afraid that he would commit suicide, but it turned out that he decided to take over everything,” Rossoshanska told the Fakty newspaper.

The note contained the following text: “The lawlessness and inactivity of the authorities in our country have led me to the extreme. I do not want to live like that. I beg my relatives to forgive me. My wife, daughter, grandchildren, son Dima, I loved you all my life and I am ready to give my life for you. They will still throw the murder of this vile and deceitful lawyer-activist on me. The main thing is that they do not touch my wife, friends, or our relatives. Let them blame me, although I did not commit this. The crime was committed by Nozdrovska herself since she knew a lot about deputies, election money of deputies back from 2012. They ordered [someone] to kill her.”

“They badgered me, my family, my son, all our relatives and friends in the village. Nozdrovska and her parents, corrupt judges of an appeal court and the Obukhiv court, journalists, all the media, newspapers, and TV slandered my son. He did not want it. He was sober. I’m tired of lies and slander. I’ve been an honest family man and worker all my life. I’m tired of everything that came from Nozdrovska and her entourage, all this falsehood,” Rossoshansky wrote.

Moreover, Rossoshanska does not believe that her husband could have committed this crime.

“My husband is 64. He is big, but very slow. I cannot imagine how he could do it physically, and even at a time when people were walking around the village. According to investigators, it was evening, not night. Then, as follows from their version, he grabbed her (Nozdrovska) by her shoulders and started carrying her… I cannot imagine this,” she said.

Speaking about threats from her husband to Nozdrovska during the court session on possible amnesty for their son, Dmytro, who was convicted of a fatal accident in which Nozdrovska’s sister was killed in September 2015, Rossosshanska said: “Yura was greatly outraged by what was happening.”

“We were waiting for our son. He was to be released from the detention center. Dima was under amnesty! Yura was angered: how could that happen? He was angered not so much by Nozdrovska, but by the decision of judges. You see, we hoped that Dima would come out. But the court believed only Nozdrovska. No one believed us. Yes, our son knocked that girl down, but he was not drunk. When he knocked her down, the press called Dima the son of a regional prosecutor. Slander! My husband worked as a driver all his life. Then they started claiming that Dima’s uncle is a court chairman. This, let’s say, is true, but we did not even talk with that uncle. Of course, all this pestered Yura,” she said.

At the same time, Rossoshanska noted that her husband’s behavior had recently been “strange.”

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