Сabinet intends strengthening criterion for including into 'red' zone roughly 2.


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At a meeting on Tuesday, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine extended the adaptive quarantine until December 31, 2020 and established new criteria for classifying the region as a "red" zone.

"We propose to clearly establish when the region turns into the red level of epidemic danger - if the incidence rate for 14 days is more than 320 cases per 100,000 population. Now this indicator is dynamic, it was defined as exceeding the national average by five times [the average incidence rate in Ukraine as of October 13 - 174.4 per 100,000 of the population, respectively 862 for the 'red' zone]," Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov said during a government meeting.

"It is also proposed to make some changes to the indicators and criteria that define quarantine in the country. In particular, to double the target test coverage to 48 per 100,000 population over the past seven days [in the current decree it is 24]," he said, adding that by the end of the month in Ukraine they intend to reach 50,000 PCR tests per day, and to increase this number by the end of the year.

In addition, according to the minister, changes are being made in the number of beds, "which were taken into account when establishing the "orange" or "red" epidemiological level in the region.

"In particular, we will not take into account the beds that are allocated in the children's and pediatric departments," Stepanov said.

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