Idiot driver stopped by police with bed frame and mattress stuffed in the back of convertible.

AN IDIOT driver has been caught red-handed transporting a massive bed in the back of their convertible.

Shocking images show the double mattress and bed frame crammed into the rear seats of a silver BMW.

 The double bed and frame was being carried in the back of a BMW convertible

The double bed and frame was being carried in the back of a BMW convertibleCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

Police were quick to pull the driver over after noticing the huge bed sticking out the back in Essex earlier this week.

Using the face palm emoji, Essex Police tweeted a photo of the convertible with its roof down so the mattress and bed frame could sit upright.

They said: "Proactive work in Basildon and Clacton today.

"Some of the work based on traffic stops included positive stop and search for drugs, two drug drivers, seized for no insurance and an insecure load - she said 'It's wedged in the seat so its okay'."

 The driver pleaded with police that the bed was firmly stuck in the back of the car

The driver pleaded with police that the bed was firmly stuck in the back of the carCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

A spokeswoman for Essex Police confirmed the driver was stopped on A133 and given "strong words of advice" by officers.

She was then forced to arrange for someone else to transport the bed frame appropriately.

Carrying an oversized load is not only dangerous for the driver and passengers in the car, but other road users.

Under the Roads Vehicles Regulations, all vehicles are required to not be loaded in a way that endangers the driver or other people on the road.

Another dopey driver was recently pulled over for strapping an entire three-piece couch to the roof of their car.

Scottish police were shocked to find the leather chairs strapped in the boot and on top of the roof of the Mercedes saloon.

The driver was reported for the excessive load and other driving offences.

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