Ukraine's government proposes pay cut for state-run enterprises' top managers.

The measure doesn't concern those who are involved in the fight against COVID-19.

The measure is not applicable to those engaged in war on COVID-19 / Photo from UNIAN

The measure is not applicable to those engaged in war on COVID-19 / Photo from UNIAN

Ukraine's government has proposed that salaries and bonuses of state-run enterprises' top managers and members of the supervisory boards be cut amid the coronavirus crisis.

"The government suggests that officials who have a salary worth more than 10 sums of the minimum wage (UAH 47,000, or US$1,670) at the moment should receive only half until the end of 2020," Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said on Telegram on Sunday, March 29. "The workers involved in measures to combat COVID-19, as well as in national security and defense measures should be exempt."

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"We want to reduce the pay and bonuses for top managers and members of the supervisory boards of state-owned enterprises and companies by 30%. So, we're starting the revision of the national budget from ourselves," he added.

Earlier on that day, Shmyhal said that the government had completed preliminary preparations for amending the budget. Spending on infrastructure, culture and education did not change, he said. The stabilization fund of the budget will allocate money for additional payments to medical and other groups of employees who are directly involved in the fight against the novel coronavirus. It will also provide funds in cash for retirees; workers who have lost their jobs over the spread of the virus and anti-epidemic measures. It also foresees financial supports for local businesses.

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